Hatsu as a kunoichi.

Hatsu (はつ) is a character who appears in Saihai no Yukue. She is based on a woman named Hatsume no Tsubone (初芽局), an alleged kunoichi who was sent by Ieyasu to spy on Mitsunari. It is unknown if Hatsume actually existed. Her height is 165 cm (close to 5'5") and she is 20 years old.

Role in GameEdit

Hatsu is a kunoichi who is an agent of the Tokugawa clan. When she was younger, she couldn't handle her life as a ninja and almost drowned herself in a river. Mitsunari, who was idly passing by, talked her out of it by giving her hope to live for the future. They promised to meet each other again in a time of peace. Though Mitsunari may not recall the incident, Hatsu did and eventually grew to love him.

Prior to the Battle of Sekigahara, Hatsu served Mitsunari as his loyal and talented maid. She has been with him ever since Hideyoshi passed away. She travels with Mitsunari and Sakon through the streets of Kyoto. While Mitsunari is grateful for her company, Sakon suspects her of consorting with the enemy. After they narrowly escape an assassination attempt, they discover snippets of paper dropped by Tokugawa's ninja. Eventually, Mitsunari realizes that they're parts of a letter that ordered his death. He surmises that it was written by Masanobu and confronts the old man about it. Based on the scraps alone, however, Mitsunari cannot properly convict the man of the crime. Before Masanobu leaves, Hatsu hands her lord the final piece of evidence (which completely spells out the author's name) and the old man agrees to Mitsunari's terms. Soon after the incident, Hatsu disappears from Mitsunari's household.

During Sekigahara, Hatsu resumes her role as one of Tōdō's ninja. However, she sporadically appears near Mitsunari and leaves clues to help his investigations. When the Tokugawa troops begin to surround the Western main camp, she defies her lord by saving Mitsunari and Tamaki. She informs them that she will deal with Kikkawa so Mitsunari can convince Mōri to fight. Her activities are found out by Tokugawa's ninja and she is last seen fighting them off. Tōdō is seen thoughtfully holding her hairpin afterwards. Depending on the actions of the player, she may accompany Mitsunari in the game's ending.


In spite of her profession, Hatsu is a timid and elegant maiden who is solely devoted to Mitsunari. She is depressed by her duty and, though she has taken lives, she wants to have nothing more to do with it. She fears losing Mitsunari's trust if and when he discovers who she truly is.


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