Character Information
Allegiance(s): Clan of Darkness
Voice Actor(s):
Ramon Tikaram (EN)
Ainosuke Kataoka (JP)
First Appearance: Dragon Quest Heroes
Original character.

Helmut (ヘルムード) is the main antagonist in Dragon Quest Heroes. The narrative is driven towards stopping his plans.

Role in GameEdit

Helmut is the last king of his race. He schemes to plunge the world into a void of darkness.

Character InformationEdit


Dragon Quest Heroes will be the first Dragon Quest title with fully voiced characters. Square-Enix wanted to celebrate the occasion by hiring famous Japanese actors who have been fans of the series. Kataoka is famously known to stand in long lines for every Dragon Quest title and to happily accept friend or party invites for the online titles. He has been a fan of the series since his childhood and was surprised to have been chosen as the main villain. He hopes to have captured Helmut's concealed feelings within his performance.


Cold and ruthless, Helmut appears to treat others like dirt.

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