Henry Percy
Character Information
Faction: English
Unit Type:
Shield-bearing swordsmen
Weapon Type: Sword and shield
Significant Battle(s):
Battle of Troyes
Battle of Pyrénées
Request Mission(s):
The Shadow of the Assassin
Voice Actors:
Historical Information
Real Name:
Henry Percy
May 20, 1364
July 21, 1403
Also known as "Henry Hotspur".

Henry Percy (ヘンリー・パーシー) is an English knight who primarily fought in the battles against Scotland. His services earned him a favorable reputation with the royal court. However, he was displeased he would never be triumphant over Henry of Bolingbroke and died fighting in a revolt against the Percy family.

Role in GameEdit

He recruits the player to save Iamarl after she heads off to fight her former bandit clan.

Character InformationEdit


Constantly moving and fighting on the battlefield, he is feared by both friend and foe for his fierceness during combat.


  • "If you wish to face me, you must prepare yourself for death."
  • "Your skills truly are lamentable."
  • "Reinforcements... I am indebted to you."
  • "Hmm... not too dreadful..."
  • "Be sure not to hinder me on the battlefield, mercenary."
  • "Begone... I grow weary of looking at you."
  • "It appears I have underestimated the enemy..."
  • "Away with ye, savages!"
  • "I have taken this position!"
  • "We shall crush the enemy 'neath our boots!"
  • "They shall pay for their insolence!"
  • "With yourself fighting alongside us, we cannot lose! Perhaps this is what they call trust?"

Historical InformationEdit