Hijiri Kuwano (桑野 聖, Kuwano Hijiri, born February 2, 1964 in the Yamaguchi Prefecture) is a Japanese violinist, composer, and arranger. He took violin lessons at the age of 6 and spent his college years at Tokyo University of the Arts. Aside from performing in several venues as a guest concertmaster, Kuwano dabbled in other musical genres while collaborating with fellow musician Toshihito Nakanishi who became a source of inspiration to him. His further involvement with others also paved the way to his career in music composition and arrangement.

After forming the "Hijiri Kuwano Strings Group", he continued to perform as a soloist for various media. Among the titles he has worked on include Chrono Cross and Final Fantasy XIII.

Works with KoeiEdit

Kuwano has been credited for performing music tracks for the following titles (listed chronologically by game's first release date).

External LinksEdit

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