This is a list of commonly heard quotes from Hilmes.

  • "I, Hilmes, am the only true shah."
  • "Infidel!"
  • "I shall show you who is the true shah! Not even a contest!"
  • "Know your place!"
  • "The time has come!"
  • "Open the path to my ascension!"
  • "Yashasueen!"
  • "I am the one true mardan!"
  • "Hah! I'm not satisfied with this."
  • "I can't afford to waste my life here. Retreat!"
  • "Now that I'm here, defeat is an impossibility."
  • "Fools! All who with to die, take one step forward!"
  • "There's no need to hold back. Crush them all!"
  • "Curse you! You dare resist a true shah?"
  • "Well, well. You've become a true mardan?"
  • "Hah. Well done."
  • "This is for you. Use it as you see fit."
  • "Yes? I will complete my duty, fear not."
  • "Well. A true mardan."
  • "Excellent. You're a vital element in my plans."
  • "You have some skill. I'm sure you can put this to good use."
  • "What a pointless battle. I'll end it at once."
  • "Zandeh, you are a true mardan."
  • "Zandeh, deeds worthy of praise. You are most valued among my men."
  • "Zandeh, allow me to reward your hard work. This is for you."
  • "Zandeh, use your strength to crush our foes."
  • "Do you truly think you can defeat me?"
  • "We'll settle this battle another day."
  • "Worthless brat! I'm going to make this hurt!"
  • "I cannot possibly be defeated by you!"
  • "You inept painter! Is lack of work forcing you onto the battlefield?"
  • "That's enough for today. Improve your painting before we meet again."

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