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This is a list of commonly heard quotes from Himiko.

Warriors Orochi 2Edit

  • "Okay! Here we go!"
  • "Look at me!"
  • "Here I go!"
  • "Leave me alone!"
  • "I mean it!"
  • "Don't be mean!"
  • "Yes!"
  • "I don't like bullies!"
  • "My turn!"
  • "Another enemy put in their place!"
  • "You didn't think I could do it, did you?"
  • "Looks like you're in the spotlight now!"
  • "I don't believe it..."
  • "Wow! That's incredible!"
  • "Nice work!"
  • "Hehee! I like it!"
  • "I wont lose... I can't!"
  • "You came all the way out here for me?"
  • "Stay where you are. It's too dangerous."
  • "Step into the light!"
  • "Now you've got me angry."
  • "It's no good... I'll see you all later..."
  • "You got all those bad guys, Da Ji?"
  • "I'm so proud of you!"
  • "Da Ji! I'm so glad to see you!"
  • "Aren't you tired from all that?"
  • "But you're so old! How can you be so strong?"
  • "Don't be too mad with me..."
  • "A dance fit for a queen!"
  • "You're really very pretty when you don't speak."
  • "Will you look after me?"
  • "Lookin' good, Monkey!"
  • "You're wonderful! ...Hey, don't blush."
  • "Are you sure you should be here?"
  • "Don't you like me anymore...?"
  • "Why would you do that...?"
  • "But I liked you so much..."
  • "I've heard all about your misbehavior!"
  • "I'm going to tear that beard out next time!"
  • "I'm sorry, Da Ji... I let evil win..."
  • "How do you use that umbrella?"
  • "I wish I was as graceful as you..."
  • "I should have concentrated harder..."
  • "You're so cute - surely you can't be the enemy."
  • "I don't suppose we can be friends..."
  • "Next time, don't be so hard on me..."
  • "Wow, San Zang! I had no idea you were so tough!"
  • "San Zang, you always look so cute, even when in battle."
  • "You're here for me? You're the greatest, San Zang!"
  • "You sure are one to take things to extremes!"
  • "Why Benkei, I had no idea you were so strong."
  • "You're here to help? It looks like I had you all wrong, Benkei!"

Warriors Orochi 3Edit

  • "I think we're going to get along just fine!"
  • "Good thing you sent cute little me to do the job!"
  • "Get ready! I'm about to hit the battlefield hard!"
  • "What did you think of that?! We won!"
  • "Did you see me out there?! Come on, tell me how great I am!"
  • "I really hope you'll accept this. Let's just call it a token of my respect for you."
  • "Hey, that's how you get things done!"
  • "What happened?! I don't feel like speaking to you!"
  • "I really kicked the enemy's tail in the last battle! I just kept knocking down everything they threw at me!"
  • "I don't really like fighting, you know? But if I don't get out there, I feel like I've been left behind!"
  • "I've been doing really well recently! I can't wait to get out there again and show you what I can do!"
  • "Drink this! Eat that! But you better be quick! A banquet is a battlefield! If you hesitate, you end up going hungry!"
  • "Another enemy put in their place!"
  • "I'm the strongest... No, the cutest warrior in the world!"
  • "Now that's what I call a true hero! You're amazing!"
  • "Da Ji, you're a true champion, I knew it! Don't overdo it, though, okay?"
  • "Benkei, you're a real legend, even with that face! I admit, I underestimated you!"
  • "Kai, honey, you're cute and strong too! I've heard all about how you killed that bear with your pinky!"
  • "Shangxiang, you're unrivaled under the heavens! That cute face and yet that strength... It's just not fair!"
  • "Aah, get away from me! I'm too cute for this!"
  • "Like two peas in a pod! We could be twins!"
  • "Wow, you're something!"
  • "Great! Keep it up!"
  • "The fragile maiden, saved in her moment of peril!"
  • "You slow-poke! I was almost squished over here!"
  • "I'm cute but deadly!"
  • "How dare you treat a poor little girl like that?"
  • "Da Ji, oh, how strong you are!"
  • "Wow! Da Ji came to save me!"
  • "Benkei! Impressive moves, big guy!"
  • "I need some help, but... Benkei? Really?"
  • "Kai, you're so cool!"
  • "Ah, Kai, my thanks..."
  • "Shangxiang, keep it up!"
  • "Shangxiang, you're gonna help me?"
  • "Boy, you're good! You're really winning my respect over here!"
  • "You're doing a great job! I'm counting on you!"
  • "The fragile maiden, saved in her moment of peril! Thank you!"
  • "You slow-poke! I was almost in a real fix here! I'm just gonna... hang back here..."
  • "Don't underestimate me just because I'm so cute! ...Hey, it's only you. Come on then!"
  • "That isn't how you should treat a cute little girl... I was only holding back because I didn't want to hurt you!"
  • "Da Ji, oh, how strong you are! Seeing you in action makes me so happy."
  • "It's Da Ji! Wow! Da Ji came to save me! Da Ji, you're so kind! I'm so happy!"
  • "Benkei! You just keep that up, big guy! Don't get carried away and mess up, though, okay?"
  • "I need some help, but did it have to be you, Benkei? ...Hey, I'm kidding! You can stay!"
  • "Kai, honey, you're so strong! I wonder if I could become a bear killer like you..."
  • "Kai, sorry for the trouble... Wow, you're even kind to a dummy like me..."
  • "Shangxiang, great going! You're so cute, I want to be just like you!"
  • "Shangxiang, you're going to help me? I'm so happy! I always return a favor, too!"
  • "No way! Just how strong are you? You're just too cool!"
  • "Good to see you trying so hard! You've captured my heart with your valor!"
  • "Thank you for helping me... but keep your distance, please! My face is probably all red right now..."
  • "Thanks... you've impressed me. I'm not really sure... how to handle that..."
  • "You want to fight me, do you? Don't I get a say?"
  • "It isn't only my body that's black and blue! My heart is aching, like only a maiden's heart can..."
  • "Oh wow! Da Ji, you're the star of this battle! I think I might love you too much!"
  • "Why'd you come to save me, Da Ji? I'd rather die than put you in danger!"
  • "Hey! Benkei, can you cut out the heroics over there? ...I can't stop watching you."
  • "I'm not happy that you showed up, B-Benkei, not at all. Why is my face all red...?"
  • "Seeing you in action always brings a smile to my face, Kai. I love you so much!"
  • "You look so fierce, Kai! You really were worried about me, weren't you...?"
  • "Keep it up, Shangxiang! I'll do my best over here!"
  • "Shangxiang, you came to save me? I want to become just as a kind as you!"
  • "Come on, fight me!"
  • "Leave me alone! What kind of person picks on a little girl?!"
  • "Now I'm mad! Watch out, 'cause I can't be held responsible for what happens next!"
  • "Da Ji...? What are you doing here?"
  • "Da Ji, no! Stop! Did I do something to make you upset?"
  • "Oof... Da Ji, no... I can't control... my own... strength...!"
  • "I bet you're going to call me a cheeky little girl, right?"
  • "Owww! Why'd you do that?! Hey, everyone! Benkei just attacked a poor, helpless young girl...!"
  • "It's pathetic seeing an adult get so worked up against a child! I must discipline you for your own good!"
  • "You won't mind if I fight my hardest, will you, Kai?"
  • "That hurt..."
  • "But you're still holding back. Come on, show me those legendary techniques that could kill a bear."
  • "Show me everything you've got! I want to fight you at my best!"
  • "Here I go, Shangxiang!"
  • "Shangxiang, I just want to beat you so I can prove myself as a lady."
  • "Alright, this is it! Time for me to play my trump card!"
  • "I'm just warning you now: I'm pretty tough."
  • "Come on, don't hold out on me! We're enemies!"
  • "Why, are you going somewhere?"
  • "Da Ji... You must have a reason for this, right?"
  • "You "don't really need it"... You're so tough!"


  • "Wow, Momiji, I can't believe how strong you are! You are some shrine maiden!"
  • "Great, Momiji!"
  • "Oh thanks, Momiji!"
  • "Unbelievable, Momiji! You're swinging that naginata round like nobody's business!"
  • "Oh thanks, Momiji! I don't know what I'd have done without you!"
  • "Just amazing! When I grow up I want to be just like you, Momiji!"
  • "Momiji, you came to help! Let's finish this together!"
  • "Momiji, let's have a fight!"
  • "Wow, Momiji, you're strong! I know I should be concentrating, but I just can't help admiring your skill!"
  • "No, I can't lose here! I've got to try harder!"
  • "I am not tiny! Don't take pity on me!"

Kessen IIEdit

  • "Yeah. We're sweet."
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