History Mode

History Mode is one of the new modes that was created for Fire Emblem Warriors.


In this mode, the player relives various battles from previous games in the Fire Emblem series. The player will be seen on a map with a main Lord, with sprites taken from Awakening and Fates. There are various enemies spread throughout the board, some of which will block other enemies, requiring other battles to take place as well. These battles each have a theme, similar to battles in Adventure Mode from Hyrule Warriors.

Battle TypesEdit

  • Targeted Elimination (Defeat certain captains to unlock the enemy fort).
  • Ally Rescue (Save allies to unlock the enemy fort)
  • Fort Siege (Capture specific forts to unlock the enemy fort)
  • Fort Defense (Defeat certain captains and keep forts under control to unlock enemy fort)
  • Pincer Escape (Similar to Targeted elimination, but facing two armies)
  • Shadow Elimination (Defeat Mages and Shadow Clones to unlock Enemy fort)
  • Rendezvous Disruption (Similar to Targeted Elimination, but if specific units meat up with Captains, they'll be strengthened)
  • Recruitment Battle (An NPC must be escorted to recruit Rouge forces. These forces must be defeated or recruited to unlock enemy fort)
  • Arena (The player must face a series of increasingly difficult battles. They must survive three in order to get out earliest)
  • Timed Onslaught (The player must defeat as many enemies as possible within the time limit)
  • Timed Attack (The player must defeat a certain amount of enemies within the time limit)
  • Gold Rush (Similar to Timed Onslaught, but gold is more common)
  • Villager Rescue (The player must rescue villagers. Any who are rescued then become a different fighting class. After this, the enemy fort can be accessed)

Battles have rewards, with some having additional rewards that require the player to complete the battle with an S-Rank. Additionally, some levels have two of Anna's Mementos.

Some levels have restrictions, requiring the player use characters of a certain movement type, weapon, gender (barring Robin and Corrin), or game of origin.

The player must defeat a specific enemy to clear the map.

Completing the first two maps will unlock Female Robin and Male Corrin costumes, respectively. Clearing the third map unlocks Exalted Falchion's scroll, and clearing the last two maps unlocks Lyndis and Celica.

List of MapsEdit

Base GameEdit


  • Hero Challenge

Fire Emblem Fates DLCEdit

Fire Emblem Shadow Dragon DLCEdit

Space-Time DistortionsEdit

Upon completing the map, Outrealm Portals will appear on the map. Upon meeting special requirements (defeating the boss, defeating the boss with an S Rank, clearing all battles, and clearing all battles with an S-Rank), as well as advancing far enough in story mode, characters from across the games will appear. These will offer high leveled missions that grant the player great rewards, including scrolls and opus that will increase the Personal Weapons' power.

The conversations of these distortions are modified conversations from previous Fire Emblem games, including games that aren't featured in the game, such as the Tellius games.

Substitute CharactersEdit

Throughout the History mode maps, the scenarios retell the previous Fire Emblem stories. However, some characters are replaced for either not appearing in Warriors or randomly.

Map Original Character Replacement Explanation
The Dark Pontifex Bantu Male Robin Both have a connection with Dragons and Robin could support Tiki, thus having a connection.
The Dark Pontifex Gotoh Leo Both are highly skilled and knowledgeable in Magic.
Noble Lady of Caelin Eliwood Marth Both are the peaceful Lord archetype
Noble Lady of Caelin Hector Chrom Both are the martial Lord Archetype
Noble Lady of Caelin The Tactician Male Robin Both are tacticians that represent the player in their original games.
Noble Lady of Caelin Bauker Validar
Noble Lady of Caelin Florina Caeda Both are Pegasus Knights dedicated to the Lord they follow.
Together to the End Alm Rowan and Lianna
Together to the End Jedah Validar Both lead cults dedicated to an Evil Dragon
Together to the End Marla and Hestia Iago and Gharnef Are dedicated to their Masters: Duma, Garon, and Medeus
Together to the End Duma Darios Are connected to dragons and used to be kind until they got corrupted.
Grief Mikoto Camilla Both display a motherly instinct towards Corrin.
Grief Takumi Leo Both are the younger brothers of Corrin, whom have a slight resentment. Leo has a closer bond to Camilla than Takumi.
Grief Arete Female Corrin Both share a close bond with Azura, but are controlled by evil Dragons.
Land of Gods Izana Caeda Both are Nobles respected by their people. Izana's quirky traits are replaced with Caeda's perfect traits.
Land of Gods Hinata Niles Are the retainer of the younger prince from their side.
Land of Gods Zola Validar Crafty Dark Mages who rely on trickery to obtain their goals.
Cold Reception Elise Lissa Both are peppy, kind-hearted healers.
Cold Reception Silas Leo Both are horseback riders whom often act as a voice of reason.
Cold Reception Odin Owain The same person under a different name.
Cold Reception Felicia Sakura Pink-haired girls who go against their families for Corrin and have to fight them.
Cold Reception Kilma Ryoma

Leaders whom have negative views towards Nohr's royals. May also be referencing his affiliation with a different Nohrian rebellion.

A Brush in the Teeth Julian Niles Theives who turn to the good side.
A Brush in the Teeth Lena Sakura Good hearted clerics who are also priestesses.
A Brush in the Teeth Hyman Validar
Princess Minerva Maria Lissa Clerics who have a deep love for their older siblings.

Anna's MementosEdit

Throughout both Story and History Mode, Anna can be visited during battles to unlock mementos (similar to the Gold Skullutas in Hyrule Warriors). Obtaining Mementos adds pieces towards in-game illustrations. If all the pieces of an illustration are collected, an incredibly high leveled mission is obtained. These missions are the story of the maps compressed into one battle, with Anna and her sisters joining the enemy. The DLC Mission takes elements from the three maps that are released.

Clearing any of these battles will instantly unlock Anna.

Each mission also limits the characters that can be used. Note that all missions limit the characters used until the mission is cleared at an S-Rank. Rowan, Lianna, and Anna can be used on all of them.