Hokuto Ryuken (北斗琉拳, "Shining Fist of the Northern Dipper") is an instrumental martial arts style practiced in the Fist of the North Star series. It is partially reenacted and introduced in Fist of the North Star: Ken's Rage 2.

Like its sibling martial art Hokuto Shinken, Hokuto Ryuken's origins stem from the martial art Hokuto Sōke Ken. In the history of the martial art's origins, Hokuto Shinken's founder Shuken was born on the same day as another heir to the Hokuto Sōke Ken art, Ryūō. Foretold as an omen that should two heirs be born that would bring about catastrophe, Ryūō's mother however sacrificed herself to spare both of the infant's lives in a life or death test to determine the true heir of the art, being moved by the love that Shuken's mother displayed upon saving her son. Indebted to this act, Ryūō thus became a subordinate to Shuken, but whose karma now left him and his descendants forever marked with the longing of lost love in their own lives.

As Shuken developed Hokuto Shinken, Ryūō also studied the art under his leader, but as the war of the Three Kingdoms began, he left with his own will and pursuit of the martial art. While this lead to the schism of Hokuto Shinken into the Hokuto Sanka Ken schools, with Ryūō's art being that of Hokuto Ryuka Ken (北斗劉家拳, "Northern Dipper Fist of the Liu Family"), the defining martial art came to be known from Hokuto Soka Ken. Existing even long after the great wars, Hokuto Ryuka Ken existed only in the depths of obscurity after its heir migrated back to the nation of Shura.


Hokuto Ryuken is an esoteric martial art, and considered one of evil, having strayed into the arts of darkness in the extremely bloody lands of Shura. The school focuses on the targeting of the 1,109 Destruction Meridians of the body as well as an emphasis on targeting these meridians from all ranges by distorting one's own fighting aura to completely obliterate their opponents. Through this distortion, they are capable of projecting it as projectiles and forms of energy, and for pacifistic purposes, able to to halt opposition completely, through either overwhelming the auras of others with their own, to spreading its influence to invoke a subconscious sense of dread, pressure, and negative emotion.

Users of the school also draw its powers from emotion, but into a degree of madness and hatred fueled by an evil form of aura known as Matoki. Should one be overwhelmed by Matoki, it transforms them into a frenzied, uncontrollable, and powerful demon-like personality known as Majin which does not distinguish friend from foe.

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