Palace area of the Sacred Bird Cosmos.

Holy Land (聖地, seichi), alternatively translated as "Sanctuary" or "Sacred Land", is the name for a mystical location within the Angelique and Neo Angelique series. It is located at the center planet of a Queen's cosmos and is often on the primary planet. It is not known to exist in the cosmoses without a Cosmic Will.

Holy Land is the place where a Queen, her aide and Sacred Guardians govern in luxurious surroundings and watch over a cosmos's development. It is surrounded by a special barrier which protects them from illness, aging and any malevolent forces. The weather is always sunny and pleasant, and the fields are always plentiful and in bloom. Any sign of irregularity —even a simple change such as rainfall— often means a powerful force is threatening the cosmos's stability. The Queen patches holes in the barrier as a part of her duties.

Time passes slowly within the barrier to keep the Queen and her followers' vigor. Several eons can pass with the residents barely aging a year, thus leading to their reputation as living deities with the rest of the residents in the cosmos. The Queen cannot wander too far away from the Cosmic Will and is expected to stay within Holy Land; the Queen Aide and Sacred Guardians can wander outside the barrier if needed. Visitors and miscellaneous servants —such as house servants, researchers and assistants for the guardians— can enter its premise and leave as they please. They are often given short contracts for the duration of their stay to avoid being affected by the barrier's time altering effects.

In the Angelique universe, Holy Land is a populated location with a palace and radiant structures which can be accessed by people permitted by the Queen. Neo Angelique describes it as a surreal palace meant only for the Queen. She watches over all of Arcadia while wishing for their eternal happiness.


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