Houki Boshi (ほうき星), translated as "Comet", is one of the songs performed by Japanese vocalist, Akino Arai. It is the image song for Nobunaga no Yabou: Haouden, which plays during its credits for specific consoles. It can be found on the game's soundtrack CD or KOEI Vocal Collections Vol. 1.


Lyrics: Hideki Kajino
Composition, Arrangement: Yoko Kanno
Polydor label

Japanese LyricsEdit

夜ごとに のぼる 月の明かりが
波に 摇れながら 岸へむかう
もっと もっと 遠くへ
あなたを 連れて
見果てぬ 夢は 空に蒼く
想いは 空を待てぬ 星たち
いちばん 綺麗に
空を 飾って
誰よりも 早く 目に止まるのよ
なぜなの あなた 遠くみつめる
水平線に 心が揺れる
声を 限りに
あなたを 呼んで
誰よりも 強く 輝いている
ひるも 夜も あなたの空
早く 早く 気づいて

yoru goto ni noboru tsuki no kage kari ga
nami ni yurenagara kishi he mukau
motto motto tooku he
anata wo tsurete
mihatenu yume wa sora ni aoku
omoi wa yoru wo matenu hoshitachi
ichiban kirei ni
sora wo kazatte
dareyorimo hayaku me ni tomarunoyo
houki boshi
nazenano anata tooku mitsumeru
suiheisen ni kokoro ga yureru
koe wo kagiri ni
anata wo yonde
dareyorimo tsuyoku kagayaiteru
hiru mo yoru mo anata no sora
hayaku hayaku kizuite
moetsugiru mae ni
houki boshi

Every night as the moon rises and shines its light
I head towards the shore where the waves ebb and flow
I want to go further, farther
and bring you with me
to my impossible dream where the sky is blue
My thoughts burst into the night as stars
I'll be the prettiest one
as I decorate the sky
I'll be the fastest and stunning
Somehow you seem so distant from me
My heart wavers on the horizon
I cry out to you
for as long as my voice permits
Whether it's day or night, I want to be
the brightest shine in your sky
Hurry, hurry up and notice me
before I burn away into ash
like a comet

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