Houko Kuwashima (桑島 法子, Kuwashima Hōko, born December 12, 1975 in Kanegasaki, Iwate) is a Japanese voice actor affiliated with Aoni Production. She likes to visit locations with natural surroundings rather than live in the cityscape. Kuwashima admits not being adept with the internet, thus not having a personal blog or website as other famous voice actors. She is famous among her male cohorts as being coldly withdrawn and a little bashful, leading to her adoring nickname of sorts, "tsundere master".

Near the start of her career, she questioned the validity of voice actors having to sing and refused for five years to perform character image songs. Over time, her mind seems to have changed as she released personal albums and singles. This may be tied to her memories of her childhood, which she claims she used to sing tunes with her grandmother.

Her voice has a wide range and a popular choice within the anime, games, and drama CD industry. Although her breakout role (Yurika Misumaru from Martian Successor Nadesico) led to many other "peppy girl" roles for her, Kuwashima has also voiced several mature characters in her career (such as Clare in Claymore, Medusa Gorgon in Soul Eater, and Scarlet in SPACE☆DANDY). She has a massive amount of fans, some whom declare their protest if they feel Kuwashima has been offended in some way.

Works with KoeiEdit

Live EventsEdit

  • Neoromance ♥ Festa Haruka Oni Matsuri - pre-recorded only
  • Tokyo Game Show 2012 Cosplay Contest Stage Event
  • Hokuto Musou Unveiling Press Event
  • Neoromance ♥ Festa ~ Haruka 10th Year Anniversary Festival

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