Huaman (DWB)
Character Information
Force(s): Nanman
Weapon Type: Gloves
Unit Type: Young girl
First Appearance: Shin Sangoku Musou Blast
Historical Information
Real name:
Chinese name:

Huaman (onyomi: Kaman) is a fictional character who originated in Zong Feng Jin, a theatrical opera of Shu's fictional conquest of Nanman. She is Meng Huo and Zhurong's daughter and the main heroine of the play. Portrayed as a courageous woman like her mother, she joined her father's struggle against Zhuge Liang's forces.

After dueling Guan Suo, she became his prisoner only to be released by him out of respect for her martial prowess. Likewise, Huaman felt an attachment towards her captor and treated him well when the Nanman captured him. The two warriors began an affair in spite of their allegiances and repeated duels with one another, their romance moving Meng Huo to finally surrender during the play's climax. Zhuge Liang consented to the lovers' marriage which cemented the alliance between Shu and Nanman.

Dynasty Warriors 7: Empires includes her as a downloadable staff-made character. She placed thirteenth with fans in Gamecity's Shin Sangoku Musou Blast first card promotion poll.

Role in GamesEdit

Huaman debuts as a fictional only Romance of the Three Kingdoms character in the series's eleventh title, often appearing with her Nanman kinsmen. She excels in leadership and warfare while faring poorly at politics and intelligence. Compared to her mother, Huaman's stats are slightly more balanced.


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