Here is a collection of Huang Gai's weapons in the Warriors series.


Dynasty Warriors 3Edit

Iron Rod
Iron Rod (DW3) Weapon Level: 1
Hits: 4 Base Attack: 16
Steel Rod
Steel Rod (DW3) Weapon Level: 2
Hits: 5 Base Attack: 31
Shadow Rod
Shadow Rod (Black Shadow) Weapon Level: 3
Hits: 6 Base Attack: 44
Black Shadow
Shadow Rod (Black Shadow) Weapon Level: 4
Hits: 6 Base Attack: 44
HP Max: 82 Defense: 57
Mounted Attack: 52 Reach: 23
Musou Charge: 27

Dynasty Warriors 3: Xtreme LegendsEdit

Spiked Mace
Spiked Mace (DW3) Weapon Level: 5
Hits: 6 Base Attack: 44
Lightning (C4) Musou Max: 85
Attack: 26 Mounted Attack: 50
Reach: 28

Dynasty Warriors 4Edit

Iron Rod
Iron Rod (DW4) Weapon Length:
Number of Hits: 4
Level 1 Base Attack: 16
Level 2 Base Attack: 19 (1,000 EXP)
Level 3 Base Attack: 22 (3,000 EXP)
Great Rod
Great Rod (DW4) Weapon Length:
Number of Hits: 5
Level 4 Base Attack: 26 (6,000 EXP)
Level 5 Base Attack: 29 (10,000 EXP)
Level 6 Base Attack: 32 (15,000 EXP)
Shadow Rod
Shadow Rod (DW4) Weapon Length:
Number of Hits: 6
Level 7 Base Attack: 41 (21,000 EXP)
Level 8 Base Attack: 44 (28,000 EXP)
Level 9 Base Attack: 47 (36,000 EXP)
Dark Shadow
Dark Shadow (DW4) Weapon Length:
Number of Hits: 6
Level 10 Base Attack: 56

Level 10 Weapon AcquisitionEdit

Dynasty Warriors 4: Xtreme LegendsEdit

Shade Base Attack: 50
Number of Hits: 6
Peacock Urn: 19 Speed Scroll: 17
Elixir: 14 Herbal Remedy: 16

Level 11 Weapon AcquisitionEdit

  • Stage: Skirmish at Chi Bi
  • Restrictions: No bodyguards, no items
  • Requirements: Reach the Wei ship without being discovered by any Wu troops in under 3:30 minutes.
  1. Follow the northern cliff as you get off the boat you begin at. As you reach a wooden gate, follow the left side of the wall.
  2. Soon you'll get a message that tells you that there's a gate captain ahead. Then another message tells you to make some noise to attract his attention. Drop a bomb on the ground next to the left wall and then run quickly to the wall on right side.
  3. When the gate captain hears the explosion of your bomb, he'll go to the bomb site. Go to the gate he was guarding and the door will automatically open.
  4. After passing the gate, you must switch between the big map and small map to know exactly where the enemies are. At the time, Lu Meng will move south towards you. Hide and move slowly towards the top left corner of the area, right next to the water, where a couple of pots are.
  5. When Lu Meng passed, you can move faster.
  6. Soon you'll get a message that says that the gate guards are slacking off. Switch to the small map and check closely the movements of the troops.
  7. When the gate captain gets far away to the right side of that gate, carefully move to the door and it'll open.
  8. Rush to the exit, ignoring Gan Ning if he discovers you (try to reach the exit while the "Gan Ning discovers you" message is still on the screen).
  9. Complete within 3 minutes.
  10. Level 11 message appears when stage ends.

Dynasty Warriors 5Edit

Iron Rod
Huanggai-dw5weapon1 Weapon Length: 140 cm (4'7")
Hits: 4 Base Attack: 4
Great Rod
Huanggai-dw5weapon2 Weapon Length: 161 cm (5'3")
Hits: 5 Base Attack: 8
Shadow Rod
Huanggai-dw5weapon3 Weapon Length: 175 cm (5'9")
Hits: 6 Base Attack: 12
Dark Shadow
Huanggai-dw5weapon4 Weapon Length: 184 cm (6'0")
Hits: 6 Base Attack: 36
Weight: Medium Charge: 15
Luck: 16 Defense: 17
Attack: 17 Life: 15

Fourth Weapon AcquisitionEdit

  • Stage: Yellow Turban Rebellion (Allied forces)
  • Location: In front of the altar in Zhang Jiao's garrison.
  • Requirements: Defeat all officers and sub-officers outside of Zhang Jiao's garrison.

Firstly, equip the Red Hare Harness if available. Do not equip a bodyguard unless you plan to leave them on wait mode at the start. Just kill every general and sub-general yourself. If one of your allies, including bodyguard, kills any before the Valuable Item message, you will not get the weapon.


Dynasty Warriors 6Edit

Huanggai-dw6weapon River Slicer
Weapon Type: Standard
Mountain Breaker
Weapon Type: Strength
Sky Lasher
Weapon Type: Skill

Dynasty Warriors: StrikeforceEdit

Huang Gai uses cudgels as his main weapon in the game.

Dynasty Warriors 7Edit

Huang Gai uses the club as his default weapon in the game. But starting in Empires, his new weapon of choice is the arm blade.

Dynasty Warriors NextEdit

Hex Club
Club - 1st Weapon (DW7) Base Attack: 30+
Number of Hits: 4~5
Holy Comet
Club - 2nd Weapon (DW7) Base Attack: 40+
Number of Hits: 5~6
Soul Scepter
Club - 5th Weapon (DW7) Base Attack: 50+
Number of Hits: 6

Dynasty Warriors 8Edit

Huang Gai still uses the arm blade as his default weapon in this title.

Dynasty Warriors: GodseekersEdit

Feudal Edge
Iron Boat - 1st Weapon (DW8) Base Attack: 47~87
Rank: 1 ★
Bronze Edge
Iron Boat - 2nd Weapon (DW8) Base Attack: 73~135
Rank: 2 ★
Darkness Edge
Iron Boat - 3rd Weapon (DW8) Base Attack: 113~210
Rank: 3 ★
Azure Edge
Iron Boat - 4th Weapon (DW8) Base Attack: 175~325
Rank: 4 ★
Tiger's Edge
Iron Boat - 5th Weapon (DW8) Base Attack: 271~504
Rank: 5 ★
Imperial Warship
Iron Boat - 6th Weapon (DW8XL) Base Attack: 421~630
Rank: 6 ★

Warriors Orochi 1 & 2Edit

Iron Rod
1st Weapon - Huang Gai (WO) Weapon Level: 1
Base Attack: 9
Great Rod
2nd Weapon - Huang Gai (WO) Weapon Level: 2
Base Attack: 19
Shadow Rod
3rd Weapon - Huang Gai (WO) Weapon Level: 3
Base Attack: 39
Dark Shadow
4th Weapon - Huang Gai (WO) Weapon Level: 4
Base Attack: 79

Warriors Orochi 3Edit

Hex Club
1-Star Weapon - Hex Club Base Attack: 8
Compatibility Bonus: 7
Studded Club
2-Star Weapon - Studded Club Base Attack: 12
Compatibility Bonus: 11
Stone Crusher
3-Star Weapon - Stone Crusher Base Attack: 21
Compatibility Bonus: 14
Soul Scepter
4-Star Weapon - Soul Scepter Base Attack: 34
Compatibility Bonus: 18

Big Star WeaponsEdit

Huang Gai uses the following big star weapons in the game.

  • Hammer of Destruction
  • Puncturer
  • Kiritanpo
  • Disintegrator
  • Scooper (DLC)

Warriors Orochi 3 UltimateEdit

Soul Scepter X
4-Star Weapon - Soul Scepter Base Attack: 69
Compatibility Bonus: 18
Mystic Scepter
Mystic Weapon - Huang Gai (WO3U) Base Attack: 63
Compatibility Bonus: 18

Acquiring Mystic WeaponEdit

  • Chapter 1: Battle of Odawara Castle - Defeat Yoshihiro Shimazu and 800 enemies in under 10 minutes.
  • Chapter 1: Rescue at Taoshui - Defeat 800 enemies in under 10 minutes.
  • Chapter 1: Counterattack at Nagashino - Defeat 1,000 enemies in under 10 minutes.

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