Huey (FNS2)
Character Information
Allegiance(s): Nanto Goshasei
Martial Art: Gosha Furetsu Ken
Voice Actor(s):
First Appearance: Fist of the North Star: Ken's Rage 2

Huey (ヒューイ) is one of the five Nanto Chariot Guardians who serve to protect Yuria. He leads the Wind Brigade into battle against Raoh's army, though his wind martial arts powers proved ineffective. Struck down by his adversary, Huey warned that the other Chariot Guardians would come after him and Kenshiro since they do not want a world ruled by Hokuto.

Dream ModeEdit

Before the nuclear holocaust, Huey is seen testing the strength of Kenshiro and Jagi. During his tenure as a Chariot Guardian, he suspects Juza of deserting them only to be brushed aside by the Cloud Guardian.


  • "I am a member of the Five Chariot Guardians! Huey of the Winds!"
  • "Ahh... I see you wish to be ripped to shreds."
  • "May the winds lend me their strength for this battle!"
  • "Your destiny ends today! It shall be cut down by the winds!"
  • "We cannot let enemies like that go unchecked."
  • "The land shall never be ruled by Hokuto! Come, face your doom!"
  • "Those that follow Ken-oh must die."
  • "I refuse to die just yet! I still must follow the orders given to the Five Chariot Guardians!"

Fighting StyleEdit

Huey's fighting style allows him to use the air to cut his enemies.

External LinksEdit

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