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This is a list of commonly heard quotes from Hundun.

Warriors Orochi 3 UltimateEdit

  • "Chaos is that which I demand from this world."
  • "It's over already? How boring..."
  • "Mwahaha! I like the way you fight. Use this to create even more chaos out there."
  • "I'm glad to see you accomplished that task. You're pretty tough."
  • "You failed... Oh well. Not everything can go as we'd like it to."
  • "Mwahaha! I like it! Everybody, drink your fill and cause chaos!"
  • "The chaos I brought to the last battle was unequaled. Mwahaha! I feel great just thinking about it."
  • "I want to keep on fighting in our battles. They're the only place I can feel at ease."
  • "I couldn't care less about victory or defeat. I simply want to immerse the battlefield in chaos."
  • "I'll drown this battlefield in a sea of chaos!"
  • "Hmm... That was quite entertaining."
  • "Mwahaha! I delivered the chaos I so thoroughly enjoy!"
  • "I have devoured yet another enemy soul!"
  • "Endless suffering and rampant despair! Mwahaha! I simply love this chaos!"
  • "Mwahaha! Yes! You've given rise to utter pandemonium!"
  • "Orochi... You are worthy of the name, Serpent King. The chaos you create is without equal."
  • "Dodomeki, you may just rival me in my love for all things chaotic."
  • "Gyūki, your rampages are a thing of sheer beauty."
  • "Kyūbi, we share a love of pure and unadulterated chaos."
  • "Hmph! I appear to be struggling. That makes it all the more enjoyable."
  • "Ha! I'm facing myself in battle. I couldn't ask for a better opponent."
  • "Mwahaha. Perfect."
  • "The battlefield beckons to the chaos."
  • "You came to partake in the confusion as well?"
  • "Hah... You're here to save me?"
  • "Let us enjoy this disorder together."
  • "Hmph! Even defeat can be entertaining."
  • "Orochi, your might is most amusing."
  • "Hmm... I see the Serpent King has risen."
  • "You are fighting well, Dodomeki."
  • "Dodomeki, thank you for watching over me."
  • "Keep up your rampage, Gyūki."
  • "Gyūki, I see you could smell the chaos of battle."
  • "Kyūbi, your strength can bring disorder to the land."
  • "Kyūbi, have you come to sow the seeds of disarray?"
  • "Mwahaha. Perfect. I can see you also seek out chaos wherever you may be."
  • "The battlefield beckons to the chaos. I like the way you fight."
  • "You came to partake in the confusion as well? Mwahaha. This is definitely the right place."
  • "Hah... You're here to save me? I suppose I'll have to repay the favor someday."
  • "Let us enjoy this disorder together. There is no need to hold back."
  • "Hmph! Even defeat can be entertaining. I look forward to our next encounter."
  • "Orochi, your might is most amusing. Join me in search of chaos and abandon your pursuit of destruction."
  • "Hmm... I see the Serpent King has risen. This is the perfect chance to show me what you can do."
  • "You are fighting well, Dodomeki. However, I know you are capable of even more."
  • "Dodomeki, thank you for watching over me. You're the most quick-witted demon I know."
  • "Keep up your rampage, Gyūki. You leave nothing but destruction in your wake."
  • "Gyūki, I see you could smell the chaos of battle. Mwahaha! Go and do what you do best."
  • "Kyūbi, your strength can bring disorder to the land. I find it to be a thing of beauty."
  • "Kyūbi, have you come to sow the seeds of disarray? Or are you here to help me?"
  • "Mwahaha! How frightful! The chaos suits you like no other!"
  • "Mwahaha! Perfect! I can't think of anybody who can wreak havoc like you do!"
  • "Mwahaha! I've been waiting for you. Now, to drown our opponents in a sea of despair."
  • "I will never forget my debt to you. Mwahaha! What, you don't believe me?"
  • "You wish to fight me? Mwahaha! I could not ask for a better gift!"
  • "That was a most enjoyable battle. I hope we can meet as enemies again."
  • "Mwahaha! Orochi, that's the spirit! The destruction you bring grants the world the chaos I desire!"
  • "I've been waiting for you, Orochi. Now, use your strength to give rise to the chaos!"
  • "Dodomeki, your battles are steeped in chaos! I couldn't be more proud of you!"
  • "I thought you'd come to me, Dodomeki. Mwahaha. You are the perfect demon."
  • "Gyūki, your strength appears to have grown considerably. Mwahaha! How enjoyable!"
  • "There you are, Gyūki. Charge the enemy forces and throw them into disorder!"
  • "Kyūbi, you are evil incarnate. Your beauty and strength are enough to tempt even me."
  • "I am happy to have met you, Kyūbi. Now, show me the beauty you possess."
  • "I'm going to enjoy this."
  • "It's been a while since my blood has boiled like this. Give me everything you've got."
  • "Mwahaha. Thanks for providing a challenge. Now, it is time to plunge you into the depths of chaos."
  • "Serpent King, do you want to try and destroy me as well?"
  • "Hmm... Is this all the Serpent King is capable of? At this rate, your annihilation is assured."
  • "Mwahaha. Excellent, Orochi! More! I demand that you provide me with even more amusement!"
  • "Dodomeki, let's see how your speed fares against me."
  • "Is that all you've got? How do you expect me to enjoy this battle?"
  • "Now this is more like it. Finally, I can show you the true meaning of chaos."
  • "Gyūki, use that brute strength of yours to defeat me if you can."
  • "Surely you're stronger than that. Come, hold nothing back!"
  • "Mwahaha. This is getting interesting. Now it's my turn to show you just how strong I am."
  • "Kyūbi, I invite you to try and use your demonic wiles against me."
  • "Mwahaha. You look beautiful, even in anger. I find myself enchanted not by your sorcery, but you yourself."
  • "I can't allow myself to be beaten by you so easily. It's time I finally got serious."
  • "Mwahaha. I'm going to squeeze the very life out of you."
  • "I'm not ready for this battle to end yet. I hope you enjoy the endless chaos."
  • "If you wish to challenge me, then you'd better make it interesting."
  • "Mwahaha. You wish to try and devour me whole? You're an interesting beast."
  • "It's unfortunate that you can't see the superiority of my form."

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