Immortal of Wishes
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Rúyì Zhēnxiān
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Immortal of Wishes (如意真仙, onyomi: Nyoi Shinsen) is a secondary antagonist in Saiyuki: Journey West. He is one of King Taurus's lieutenants who is responsible for several attacks on Sanzo's party throughout chapter two.

Role in GameEdit

Old Man Nyoi is a water spirit who resides in Grace Spring. One day, he cast a sleeping spell on the residents of Chin Lodge. He supposedly had plans for the sleeping residents and left his home for a time. During his absence, Sanzo and his/her party helped Sha Gojo retrieve the spring waters for a revival spell. Upon his return, Nyoi takes note of the theft and angrily invades the village. Driven back by Sanzo's efforts, the Were vows to avenge his loss before he retreats. Nyoi returns to King Taurus's lair to timidly report his defeat.

Seeking revenge thereafter, Nyoi orders his subordinates, Roku Jiko and Windy, to deal with the monk. The hermit scolds the ashamed Jiko back at their hideout and personally appears to rescue Windy. He recognizes Gojo from ages ago, stating that Gojo was once a human magician who killed his friend. Though it is an abrupt revelation to Sanzo's party, Nyoi would rather exit the scene with a scathing remark.

When Sanzo's party enters King Taurus's dwellings, they are alarmed by the darkness they encounter. To "greet" them, Nyoi and King Taurus's other Were minions light the torches to reveal their trap. He vows to make up for the indignity he suffered at the monk's hands since Chin Lodge. Upon their defeat, the hermit spitefully admits the monk's strength. Before the Weres disappear from the story for good, Nyoi once again turns out the lights as a last petty act of malevolence.


Spiteful and greedy, Nyoi is a Were who has no love for humans. He has a short temper with anyone who crosses him and resorts to belittling insults if he doesn't get his way. While he may be a gruff leader, Nyoi is fearfully loyal to Taurus and grovels on instinct if his master is displeased with his actions.

Fighting StyleEdit

Nyoi has two main attacks: a physical smack with his weapon or his ranged life stealing attack, LifeSteal. LifeSteal not only damages a party member to restore his health, but it also has a random chance of paralyzing his target. Since conventional methods of reverting the effects are hard to come by in his first encounter, Nyoi may be a dangerous threat to Sanzo. During his revenge battle, however, he may prove to be one of the weakest enemy Weres.

Journey to the WestEdit

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