This is a list of commonly heard quotes from Impa.

Hyrule WarriorsEdit

  • "I am Impa of the Sheikah tribe! We are warriors of incomparable strength!"
  • "Don't regret those words. They might be your last!"
  • "I'm sorry. That's all I can say."
  • "Real strength only comes from knowing your weaknesses!"
  • "Capturing that location should help to break our enemy's spirit! Let's keep it up!"
  • "I take no credit. We all played our parts today."
  • "I am honored by your praise..."
  • "While I take pride in defeating 1,000 enemies, I'm more concerned with moving forward!"
  • "Princess, it's dangerous to go alone! Take me!"
  • "Please. Princess Zelda, you must pull back. We can manage the battle from here."
  • "I hope that woman is Princess Zelda..."
  • "Let me be frank... I'm far beyond your fighting ability."
  • "What?! That's impossible!"
  • "Phew! We won. I think the soldiers can rest... They've earned it."
  • "These caves are crawling with monsters. But we have to get through them to find Zelda."
  • "Where did all these monsters come from?"
  • "It seems I have no choice but to wait here until the statues are fully awakened."
  • "I'll dispatch the enemy's leader myself!"
  • "Who is this soldier, anyway?"
  • "Don't let the dragon knight through!"
  • "What is this, hide-and-seek? Grrr..."
  • "The monsters must be originating from a keep, Link, find the source and shut it down!"
  • "We have to stop the falling rocks! Capture the Boulder Keeps in the heart of the mountain!"
  • "So, the beast was just a distraction... Where is Princess Zelda? Is she safe?"
  • "I wonder how he's replenishing his health... Is his base hiding some secret?"
  • "Thanks for your assistance."
  • "We can't get to Princess Zelda with those boulders in the way!"
  • "Link may be too overconfident... I pray he doesn't become reckless..."
  • "I will defeat you... another day."
  • "Impressive! Hyrule is fortunate to have you."

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