Import or Remix, known as the Mixjoy or MIXJOY option in Japanese titles, is an optional procedure made to improve an expansion or spin-off for Koei's games. The basic process of importing data is as follows:

  1. Pop in the expansion title and select the Import option in the game menu.
  2. After the option to import disc data has been approved, open the disc tray.
  3. Insert the copy of the original game and close the tray.
  4. Once the game has loaded the data, open the disc tray once more.
  5. Re-insert the disc for the expansion game and play.

* This process may have to be repeated each time the player wishes to access it for their expansion titles.

Performing the process with an expansion game allows players to access several optional features and treats for having the original copy. This trait is mostly limited to the titles on the PlayStation 2. The next-gen version of Samurai Warriors 2 had the Xtreme Legend bonuses available as downloadable content for the original game.

Games with Import OptionEdit

List of games and benefits gained from importing data.

Allows players to play the expansion with the player's powered up characters from the original game in Musou Mode. However, this option can be replaced by having previous save game data from the original Dynasty Warriors 3.
Unlocks original cast in Musou Mode. Also backwards compatible, letting players play the powered up Xtreme Legends versions of characters in their Dynasty Warriors 4 game. This includes the newer items as well.
Unlocks all characters (including edit characters) and scenarios regardless of progress in the original game.
Allows players to play Story Mode and Conquest Mode.
Loads up previously played stories and characters' original progress through the game based on save data (including edit characters). Lets the entire cast participate in Musou Mode and allows the original modes in the first game to be used in the expansion.
Unlocks all characters regardless of progress through original game. Unlocks the Sugoroku and Survival mode as well as allowing players to continue from their previous data.
Allows players to continue from their previous data for the Wii version only.
New character events and techniques for the entire cast. Allows exclusive endings for Yuzuru, Ridvan, and Tomomori to be seen once each character has three Honeymoon icons collected (Tomomori is exempt from collecting these icons). Completing the game once allows players to take the game's exclusive Hiraizumi route. The last feature also can be made available with just having previous saved game data from the original game.

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