Battle of Ishigakibaru
Ishigakibaru (SW4)
Date September 13, 1600
Location Bungo Province
Result Yoshimune surrenders.
Eastern Army Western Army
Kanbei Kuroda Yoshimune Otomo

The Battle of Ishigakibaru (石垣原の戦い) was a campaign that took place on the island of Kyūshū; the Eastern Army invaded the Western Army's stronghold to solidify their chances of victory at Sekigahara.

Role in GamesEdit

Samurai WarriorsEdit

In Samurai Warriors 3, the Eastern Army version of Ishigaki Plains is featured in Kanbei and Kiyomasa's stories. The battlefield shares the same map as Kasai-Osaki, but uses different textures. Although Kanbei is the official commander, Kiyomasa must also survive the battle or the ally ranks will fall into disarray. Players should quickly infiltrate the stone labyrinth while facing the enemy officers within the vicinity to face Yoshihiro and Motochika. Their defeat triggers Yoshimune and Ginchiyo's charge, with reinforcements led Muneshige. For the Western side, it is only available in Ginchiyo's story. Players need to repel Kiyomasa and Masanori's overwhelming charge, allowing Motochika, Yoshihiro, and Muneshige to arrive as reinforcements to defeat Kanbei.

The battle appears in the Chugoku storyline as a side stage in Samurai Warriors 4. In the Chugoku story the Eastern Army is led by Kanbei Kuroda, who comes out of his retirement to support the Eastern Army and his son's affairs at the main battle against the Western Army. Deeming the rebels as little more than an annoyance, he is joined by Kiyomasa Katō and Musashi Miyamoto in order to suppress them. Unlike the previous title, the enemy are described as an elite force, while Kanbei's force consists of lowly peasants and support from the crippled Nabeshima clan. The map also heavily resembles Nagashino. The Kyūshū chapter has a similar conflict, Yanagawa, which is implied to take place after this one but is played in the eyes of the Western Army instead, where Muneshige and Yoshihiro fall back to Yanagawa island after Sekigahara and meet up with Ginchiyo. Putting up a final stand at Yanagawa, they are surprisingly assisted by Kojiro Sasaki but despite their best efforts and beating Kanbei's army as well as many Kyūshū daimyo, the enemy numbers are just too much in the end and Muneshige is forced to surrender, earning respect from Takatora Tōdō and Kiyomasa, who allow him to serve as a general for Ieyasu instead of getting executed or banished.

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