Character Information
Allegiance(s): Magic Institute
Voice Actor(s):
Anneika Rose (EN)
Mikako Komatsu (JP)
First Appearance: Dragon Quest Heroes
Original character.

Isla (ジュリエッタ, Giulietta) is one of the main support characters in Dragon Quest Heroes.

Role in GameEdit

Isla is a genius scholar who is the head of the Magic Institute.

Character InformationEdit


Komatsu remarked that her character is her "strongest older sister" role and enjoyed explaining the complicated terms for Isla's research. She felt like her character was a precedent for her career.


Keys Square Attack 1 • Tri Attack 2Circle Skill/MagicX Jump

Square: Frontal Lob. Flat boomerang throw.
Mid-throw Square/Tri: Rapid Return.
Tri: Airlift. Upward curve throw.
Square/Tri When Catching: Twomerang. Brace boomerang throw.
Square/Tri When Catching in Midair: Aerial Twomerang
R1 (Hold) + Square: Firebird Throw
R1 (Hold) + Tri: Power Throw
R1 (Hold) + Tri (Hold): Super Power Throw
R1 (Hold) + Tri (Hold): Uber Power Throw
R1 (Hold) + Circle: Woosh
R1 (Hold) + Circle (Hold):
R1 (Hold) + Circle (Hold):
R1 (Hold) + X:Uplifting Downpour
Circle (Hold):
Circle: Coup de Grâce:

Finishing Blow


Passive AbilitiesEdit

Fighting StyleEdit

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