Character Information
Faction: French
Unit Type:
Sword masters
Weapon Type: Sword
Significant Battle(s):
Battle of Rennes
Voice Actors:
Historical Information
Real Name:
Jean de Metz
Also known as Jean de Nouillonpont.

Jean (ジャン) is a character who appears in Bladestorm: The Hundred Years' War. He acts as Bertrand du Guesclin's assistant.

Role in GameEdit

Character InformationEdit


Always there to aid Bertrand du Guesclin, Jean is dedicated but otherwise has little to say. There are times when he does state his opinions in order to calm his lord from anger or rouse him out of depression.


  • "It appears I am in for a fight..."
  • "People should know when they are outclassed."
  • "Thank you for your assistance."
  • "Rather impressive..."
  • "We must be ready to fight to the death."
  • "Who shall be next?"
  • "No... How could this come to pass..."
  • "I am merely warming up!"
  • "We have taken the enemy position!"
  • "Attack! Attack them!"
  • "Concentrate! Our enemy is strong!"

  • "Stop behaving like a child."
"Well, did you not see what that pompous prig of a noble did?"
"Since when do you care what nobles think of your fighting?"
"You are right. Who cares what those stuck up nobles think? As long as I have the smiles of the common folk, I will fight on. Now, let us away!"
~~Jean and Bertrand du Guesclin

Historical InformationEdit

Jean de Metz was a knight of humble origins, he protected Joan of Arc on her way to Chinon, and later thought to be fighting beside her. In 1444, Charles VII granted him a title of nobility in recognition of his services "in our wars and elsewhere". In 1455, he served as a witness on the Retrial of Joan.


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