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Battle of Jing Province
Jing Province (DW8)
Date 214~215
Location Jing Province (modern Hubei)
Result Southern Jing Province is split between Sun Quan and Liu Bei
Wu Shu
Lu Su Guan Yu

The Battle of Jing Province (荊州の戦い, rōmaji: Keishō no Tatakai), also known as the Battle of Jing, refers to a series of conflicts fought for the domination of the southern province. It was one of the Nine Provinces, or one of the nine classic divisions, of China at the time.

At first, Cao Cao held the majority of the province but his control of the area was wrestled away from him after the Battle of Chibi. Liu Bei and Sun Quan claimed two large sections of the province for themselves, splitting the province into three prominent sections. Each empire sought to control it completely, leading to increased tension over who had the proper right to claim the section of the land. After Fan Castle and Yiling, Shu lost their foothold in the area and Jing Province was held in contention between Wei and Wu.

In the games, the time at which a singular battle takes place varies on the title.

Role in GamesEdit

"And thus, the time for quietly watching has past. We must retake the Jing Province."
―Lu Xun; Dynasty Warriors 6

Dynasty WarriorsEdit

There are two distinct scenarios for the province in Dynasty Warriors 4. During Wu's story, players can participate in this battle as a special stage if they choose to unify Jiang Dong first in chapter 3. Sun Jian will then face all four adversaries in Jing at once, including generals such as Liu Yong and Yan Baihu. Doing so will allow his family to claim the land for themselves.

After Chi Bi, Liu Bei can charge here to defeat the four regional lords. If players choose to defeat Huang Zhong first, Wei Yan will kill the enemy commander to save the elder and they will join Shu.

Dynasty Warriors 5 has the battle primarily as a battle for Wu. It takes place in 192 AD as Sun Jian aims to take the area away from Liu Biao. His army is split into three squadrons to take Liu Biao's position: Huang Gai and Sun Shang Xiang attacks from the east, Sun Ce and Zhou Yu charges from the south, while Sun Jian personally leads the western assault. Early in battle, Sun Jian will encounter Huang Zu and is taunted by the latter. Unless players are playing the father's story, Sun Jian is lured into an ambush by Huang Zu at the western gate. Even if the player saves him, he will suffer a wound from the attack and will perish following the battle. His offspring swear to not make his death in vain and continue to build their territories from the land they conquered. In Sun Jian's story, he will survive but Sun Ce will not. The events of the battle often lead to Sun Quan's attack at Xia Kou.

In Dynasty Warriors 6, the battle takes place after Shu takes Jing province forcefully away from Wu and use it as the foothold of their kingdom. Shu badly wants to protect Jing, while Wu, the former owner of Jing, has decided to retake the Jing province. The Battle of Fan Castle that features Shu against Wu with Guan Yu of Shu in charge and Wu with Wei of alliance with Cao Ren in charge. Lu Meng, the Grand Commander of Wu, predicted that Guan Yu would leave Jing vulnerable from behind at Battle of Fan Castle. And yet, the prediction comes true. Lu Meng thus requested help from Lu Xun and beat Guan Yu at the Battle of Fan Castle while in the same time, retakes the Jing province. A scene will occurs within if player plays in Legend of Lu Xun, Wu Forces. He will mention that the time for watching without any clash has passed away, and also, he mentions that it is a right time to retake the Jing province. In Lu Bu's scenario, he and Diaochan try to stop the combined forces of Liu Bei, Guan Yu and Zhang Fei from taking the Imperial Seal out of Lu Bu's possession.

Dynasty Warriors 8 has the stage playable only on Wu's story. For the battle against Liu Biao, should the player stop Lu Gong from escaping, they can save Sun Jian. In the stage against Shu, if Lu Su makes it into the castle quickly, he can survive his illness.

The expansion reuses this stage, but this time, on the fictional scenario in which Wei is able to push through against both Wu and Shu at Fan Castle. First defeating the Wu forces,  Yu Jin and Xiahou Dun rally their forces against Guan Yu. With reinforcements from Hanzhong aiding Shu and reinforcements from Hefei arriving for Wei, this leads to a battle between Shu's Five Tiger Generals and the Five Generals of Wei. Ultimately Cao Cao prevails, and a banquet is soon held. Despite Yu Jin remaining firm and leaving the festivities, Cao Cao soon arrives, and convinces the general to celebrate and toast to the victory.

Warriors OrochiEdit

It is the first stage for the Samurai forces in Warriors Orochi, in which Nobunaga rescues Guan Ping and Huang Zhong. They are under siege by Orochi forces lead by Cao Pi. Guan Ping hurries to assist the elder and runs into an ambush in the eastern garrison. Meanwhile, Huang Zhong is defending the castle before it falls, under heavy attack in the west by Mitsunari and Zhang He. As Nobunaga's forces march out, the army splits into two. The western forces try to assist Huang Zhong while defending the main camp and the center forces head for either Guan Ping or the castle's southern entrance. Cao Ren will try to impede either side from proceeding. After a period of time, an impatient Cao Pi will appear in the south and personally attack the ally army. Defeating him ends the stage. In gratitude, Guan Ping and Huang Zhong join Nobunaga.

The battlefield exists primarily as a dream stage for Cao Ren, Sun Jian, and Katsuie in Warriors Orochi 2. The three gentlemen band together to rescue Oichi from danger. Should they escort her to the castle, the enemy will start raining it down with cannon fire. Players must also protect Oichi's messenger in order to receive reinforcements from the Azai forces.

Historical InformationEdit

Romance of the Three KingdomsEdit


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