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This is a list of commonly heard quotes from Joan of Arc.


  • "There are things in this life worth dying for."
  • "You have no hope of defeating me."
  • "Thank you. You have saved me."
  • "Your heroism brings hope to us all."
  • "Let us stride forth. We must bring an end to the chaos of these times."
  • "This is but one step on the path toward peace."
  • "May my efforts serve as an inspiration to others..."
  • "The Lord shall lead us to victory!"
  • "I have liberated this place!"
  • "Meet your enemy with courage!"
  • "If we stand together as one, none may defeat us!"

Warriors Orochi 3Edit

  • "I fight from the heart!"
  • "Victory is ours!"
  • "I must change this fear into courage and go forth!"
  • "It is imperative that we try even harder next time."
  • "Clearly, our minds were as one out there!"
  • "You give me the courage to keep fighting. Although it is not much, I want you to have this present."
  • "I knew you could do it!"
  • "Unfortunately, that did not go as planned..."
  • "I repelled many enemies in the last battle. I believe that victory will help secure our uncertain future."
  • "Lately, I am continually called to battle. I must try hard so as not to let everybody down."
  • "I was not very effective in the last battle. I need to do what I can to become stronger..."
  • "Haha... This is a most enjoyable party. It feels as if it could warm even the coldest of hearts."
  • "Rest in peace."
  • "With this act I prove my vow!"
  • "Your message has reached me!"
  • "Beautiful, yet somehow so sorrowful... The melody of an unparalleled warrior..."
  • "The swordplay of one unrivaled under heaven... Most impressive!"
  • "Amazing... such swordplay could only have come from the East!"
  • "Ah, so this is unparalleled love!"
  • "I cannot fall here..."
  • "What? I must now fight myself...?"
  • "Incredible... How brave, how heroic...!"
  • "What impressive skill!"
  • "Thank you so much, you saved me!"
  • "Thank you for your assistance."
  • "My feelings cannot be changed."
  • "Too strong...!"
  • "Such a beautiful, strong melody."
  • "My thanks for your assistance."
  • "A whirling storm of blades opens a path before us..."
  • "You would risk yourself for me...?"
  • "There is no hesitation in your sword, is there?"
  • "You have faced this danger, for me...?"
  • "I can hardly take my eyes from your elegant, graceful form."
  • "You offer the hand of salvation to me?"
  • "Amazing... Such bravery...! The sight of you gives me courage!"
  • "Magnificent! Your deeds inspire me."
  • "Thank you so much, you saved me! Will you now please fight by my side?"
  • "Thank you for your assistance. Let us work together now to end this!"
  • "My feelings cannot be changed. No matter whom it is I must face...!"
  • "Too strong...! I wish we could have met under the same flag."
  • "Such a powerful melody. The perfect music to lead us to victory."
  • "My thanks for your aid. Let us ride your melody to victory in this battle."
  • "Your blade storms through the enemy ranks...! I must follow where it leads!"
  • "You risk your life, just for me...? This is surely how you obtained your scars!"
  • "Your sword swings straight and true. You believe fiercely in your cause, do you not."
  • "You would risk such danger, just to reach me...? Your kindness pleases me, but also brings me great worry."
  • "I can hardly take my eyes from you. So this is what it is to fight for love..."
  • "You offer the hand of salvation? I feel your love so strongly!"
  • "We cannot lose while you are with us! I have total faith!"
  • "You are our hope... Please, bring us to victory."
  • "I knew you would come... I never stopped believing in you."
  • "You really have come... I had faith that you would."
  • "There are reasons why both of us cannot back down, it seems. En garde!"
  • "If I have to lose, then at least let it be to you... I must confess this thought crossed my mind."
  • "A strong and beautiful melody opens the way for us. You are a beacon of hope to us all!"
  • "I had faith that you would come. Let us join hands and overcome this nightmare!"
  • "I see light flashing at the tip of your blade... The light of hope!"
  • "Please do not incur any more wounds on my account. Let us go together. I will support you, too."
  • "You are strong, but courage also puts you in danger... Please, show some restraint, for my sake."
  • "I knew that you would come. Please, you must value your own life..."
  • "This is true love! I am so deeply moved!"
  • "Oh, my savior! Lead me to safety with your love!"
  • "Let us fight as noble knights!"
  • "I shall never lose heart! I will fight until my dying breath!"
  • "Lord, give me strength and lead us to victory!"
  • "It is time to lay our feelings on the line!"
  • "Such a sad poem. Its words strike at my heart..."
  • "It is time to end this pointless war!"
  • "If fighting is the only way, I will do what I must..."
  • "I cannot even see your strikes, let alone block them..."
  • "If I cannot summon the courage to face you, then I am done for!"
  • "I want to save you from this endless war."
  • "You are pure, innocent... and dangerous. War does not suit you."
  • "I refuse to let someone as kind as you die."
  • "Show me what it means to fight with love."
  • "I feel so strange. Your strikes are actually comforting..."
  • "Such compassion... I want to learn all I can about your teachings!"
  • "I will never run and hide!"
  • "Yes. We must fight in order to bring change to this cruel world."
  • "I will resist you, come what may!"


  • "You are a true saint, which nobody can deny."
  • "You fight with such beauty and grace!"
  • "You came here to help me?"
  • "You fight with such beauty and grace! Yet, you seem to be filled with much sadness."
  • "You came here to help me? Your kindness is most befitting of a saint such as yourself."
  • "I can tell that you carry many heavy burdens. I suppose that explains how you became so strong."
  • "I am relieved now that you are here. I feel as if I am being watched over by my own mother."
  • "Why do we have to fight one another?"
  • "You seem to be pure in thought. So why are you doing this?"
  • "I must find the courage to keep on fighting so that I can help alleviate your sadness!"
  • "I will as long as you tell me what it is that you are thinking."

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