John Hawkwood
John Hawkwood Render (BS)
Character Information
Faction: Unaffiliated
Unit Type:
Elite shield-bearing swordsmen
Weapon Type: Long sword and shield
Voice Actors:
Mitsuaki Hoshino (JP)
Historical Information
Real Name:
John Hawkwood
ca. 1320
Also known as Haccoude and Giovanni Acuto.

John Hawkwood (ジョン・ホークウッド) is a legendary mercenary who is later knighted as "Sir John Hawkwood". He is famous for serving various factions throughout Europe, although he primarily fought and gained fame in Italy.

Role in GameEdit

John is a mercenary from England in Bladestorm: The Hundred Years' War. Due to his skill as a commander of his own squad he is a highly sought after mercenary. He is the perfect model that most mercenaries aspire to be like.

He doesn't appear until later in the game once the protagonist reaches a level five fame. John enters the tavern to formally challenge the player in a battle after hearing about his/her success as a mercenary. Once the player defeats him, he formally concedes that the player is a better mercenary. He proudly invites all the other mercenaries to follow the player's example.

Character InformationEdit


John Hawkwood is a relatively stoic man and takes great care in the contracts he is given. Despite knowing how others view him as legendary, he has the ability to see potential and greatness in others and is always willing to take on a challenge to push his skills further.


  • "You would undertake to challenge me...? How laughable."
  • "I hope for your sake, that you acquire skill in a short space of time."
  • "Reinforcements... I thank you."
  • "I must confess, I am somewhat impressed by your efforts this day."
  • "Follow in my wake and you shall come to no harm on the field of battle."
  • "You are brave to face me... or a fool."
  • "This cannot be... I never lose..."
  • "Now you discern why my deeds are the stuff of legend!"
  • "This place belongs to John Hawkwood now!"
  • "Now is the opportune moment to strike!"
  • "Their attack is naught we cannot overcome!"
  • "I do not shrink from confrontation. Seek me out on the field of battle."

Historical InformationEdit


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