John Talbot
Character Information
Faction: England
Unit Type:
Spear guardians
Weapon Type: Spear and shield
Significant Battle(s):
Battle of Orléans
Battle of Pathay
Voice Actors:
Yōji Ueda (JP)
Historical Information
Real Name:
John Talbot
July 17, 1453
Also known as "Old Talbot" or "The Earl of Shrewsbury". Historians may argue that he was born in 1390 instead.

John Talbot (ジョン・タルボット) is one of the English generals who fought in the Hundred Years' War. He fought the French armies and was reputed for his tenacious leadership and bravery within the English front lines. His controversial ambushes and strategies were a sharp contrast to a similarly distinguished general, John Fastolf. He was one of many who died fighting in the Battle of Castillon.

Role in GameEdit

Character InformationEdit


A loyal soldier, he always commits himself to carrying out his duties. He is diligent but may be considered stubborn. In defensive situations, no man compares to him. His personality and combat preference are a sharp contrast to the witty John Fastolf who both consider each other as partners in battle.


  • "This day, you shall meet your demise, mercenary."
  • "It is indeed pitiful to witness one of such meager abilities."
  • "Thank you. Even the strongest of us needs help once in a while."
  • "Well done. Proceed thus and our triumph shall be assured."
  • "I should be honored to do battle alongside you."
  • "Another miserable wretch falls by the wayside."
  • "To die without fulfilling my duty..."
  • "Let those who would oppose us feel the wrath of England's armies!"
  • "Enemy position taken!"
  • "Now we attack! Onward!"
  • "Ready yourselves for the enemy advance!"

  • "Well, it would appear that we shall live to see another morrow."
"Yes. But now we must rally and prepare for the forthcoming battle."
"Such restiveness. You would do well to learn to relax, my friend."
"I perform my duty to the best of my ability. That is all."
~~John Fastolf and John Talbot

Historical InformationEdit


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