Juggernaut in Dynasty Warriors 5

Juggernauts (虎戦車, Torasensha; alternatively called "Tiger Tank" in Dynasty Warriors 6: Empires) are a special unit, first appearing in Dynasty Warriors 4. Juggernauts have a golden, roaring tiger appearance, while also moving on wheels. They attack by breathing fire streams and fireballs. They move and turn slowly, being their main weakness. They also cannot be moved by attacks.

Juggernauts are referred to as "Fire Chariots" in Dynasty Warriors: Unleashed.

Role in GamesEdit

According to the series, the Juggernaut was invented by Yueying. In her Legend Mode stage in Dynasty Warriors 4: Xtreme Legends, she tests their effectiveness by going up with them in battle against the Five Tiger Generals. They also combat the Nanman animal units during the Nanman Campaign.

Juggernauts also make an appearance in Dynasty Warriors DS: Fighter's Battle as ridden mounts for both Dong Zhuo and Yuan Shao.

In Dynasty Warriors Online, they will serve as a base type. They have heavy defenses, and four must be defeated in order for a base to be captured. These structures stay true to their original namesake and are one of the hardest units to bring down. In the game they have the exception of being the only structure to be damaged via indirect attack, such as beams or shockwaves, and still be affected by the damage stat.

In Dynasty Warriors 7 and 8, Juggernauts can be used by the player to attack the enemy. It can only be used in story mode. In the eighth title, certain Free Mode stages when unlocked allow use of the Juggernaut.


The main strategy when fighting a Juggernaut is to circle them with occasional attacks, run and use Musou attacks, or using long ranged attacks.

In Dynasty Warriors 5, using Musou Rage or by being near enemies that have an ability to freeze the player, if a Juggernaut uses a fire stream, the player will automatically be killed if hit.

Romance of the Three Kingdoms Edit

The Juggernaut, not referred to by name, was a contraption introduced by Zhuge Liang to combat King Mulu's beast troops during his Southern Campaign. The contraptions spewed fire and were fierce-looking, which scared the tigers and elephants brought by the Nanman troops. The animals attempted to turn back and flee, but ran straight at the Nanman forces, causing uncontrollable chaos. King Mulu fell off his elephant and was crushed by it, while Meng Huo was captured shortly after the collapse of the beast unit.


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