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Allegiance(s): Midland
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Julius (ユリウス, Yuriusu) is a minor antagonist in Berserk and a non-playable character in BERSERK and the Band of the Hawk.

As second-in-line for the throne of Midland and brother to the king, Julius serves as the leader of the White Dragon Knights. Years prior, Chuder once held Julius hostage and the Midland King had to pay a ransom for his release.

Upon first sighting the Band of the Hawk led by Griffith, Julius insults them as common mercenaries. Around the time of the Autumn Hunt, he grows jealous of Griffith's affair with Charlotte and arranges to have him murdered in an accident. But the hit failed thanks to Griffith's Egg of the King Behelit. Later, Julius is strictly training his son Adonis in order for him to succeed in the White Dragon Knights. Guts breaks into his chamber and cuts him open. Close to his dying breath, Julius recognizes his killer before expiring.


Julius is an arrogant count who believes commoners should not be nobles. He often expects them to show respect when in the presence of his brother.


  • While armed with a sword, Julius is one of the few NPCs to not fight the player directly.

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