Character Information
Allegiance(s): Yuria
Nanto Goshasei
Martial Art: His own unique style of martial arts
183 cm (6'0")
99 kg (218 lbs)
(Bust - Waist - Hips):
128cm - 90cm - 108cm
(50" - 35" - 42")
Voice Actor(s):
First Appearance: Fist of the North Star: Ken's Rage
Playable in the second title.

Juza (ジュウザ) is one of the five designated protectors of the Nanto General and rules over the "cloud" element. During their childhood days, Juza often played with Yuria and occasionally teased Raoh and Toki during their training. As they matured into adulthood, he eventually fell in love with Yuria but is shocked to learn that she is his younger half-sister. Renouncing his duties, he painfully distances himself from her and chooses to live a carefree and somewhat degenerate lifestyle.

When the other Nanto Goshasei fall while trying to prevent Raoh's march, Juza only agrees to fight his old rival when he learns that the Nanto General he is asked to protect is actually Yuria. Swearing to die for her sake, he stalls Raoh as Kenshiro hurries to her. He lasts the longest of the Nanto Goshasei who tried to stop Raoh, even stealing Koukougou and using the blood from his wounds to his advantage. Cursing Raoh until the end, he refuses to reveal the identity of the Nanto General. Even though he dies without telling Raoh, his opponent learns the truth of the Nanto General based on Juza's pure determination to stop him. Impressed by his spirit, both Raoh and Koukougou show courtesy to him and honor his death by giving him a proper burial.




Keys Square Fast Attack • Tri Strong AttackCircle Signature Move • X Jump


  • Burai Ippo Ken (Fist of The Wandering Maverick) - Juza does a cloud imbued right uppercut then a straight.
  • Jin Raifu (Lightning Storm Strike) - Juza does an up close punch. If he connects, he follows with a kick, before doing a palm thrust and a spin kick that blasts the enemy away.
  • Fuun Mugen Kyaku (Wind Cloud Phantasm Kick) - Juza goes into a handstand and rapidly kicks at the air, and helpless enemies trapped within. He then does a sweeping kick that sends them flying.
  • Furai Shoku Sho (Howling Gale palm) - Juza charges his hands with energy, ram charges forward and release the energy in the form of a beam at his prey.
  • Sen Fuun Kai - Juza leaps into the air, comes down spinning and smashes the ground, releasing shockwaves that blast away enemies around him.
  • Ryouun Ressai Ha - Juza jumps into the air and shoots a cross made of energy at the ground. It will kill any grunts in the path.
  • Gekiheki Haisui Sho - Juza sets his palms forward, and blasts a powerful energy out. Tried it against Raoh, and it failed.

Fighting StyleEdit

The producer originally didn't plan for him to be playable, but fan requests changed his mind for Shin Hokuto Musou. Unlike his previous video game counterpart, Juza fights with gusts of pressured wind like the comic.


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