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This is a list of commonly heard quotes from Kaguya.

Warriors Orochi 3Edit

  • "I shall cross time and space to restore hope to the land."
  • "Thank you everybody for your help."
  • "Please, allow me to assist you."
  • "Was I able to accomplish what was asked of me?"
  • "I am relieved that we were able to accomplish our task."
  • "Recently, I felt like thanking you for all that you do. I hope you will add this item to your collection."
  • "That was impressive."
  • "Let us try better next time to be successful."
  • "It appears I was able to play my role effectively in the last battle. I must try to do my best in the future as well."
  • "Lately, I have been asked to participate in many battles. It is an honor to be of whatever use I can to our ultimate goal."
  • "I did not effectively play my part in the last battle... Perhaps I should travel back in time and try again?"
  • "What could be better than spending time with your friends like this?"
  • "Remember me when you see the moon."
  • "I, too, am capable of such feats...?"
  • "Your prowess shall be sung of until the sun burns out."
  • "Kai... a princess, and yet an Unrivaled Warrior. Most interesting."
  • "Lady Shangxiang, you are unrivaled in your time."
  • "Lord Taigong Wang, I have borne witness to your unrivaled power."
  • "Lord Susano'o, I now know your strength to be without peer."
  • "So long as I have my duty to perform, I shall not fail..."
  • "To fight oneself... The fate, perhaps, of one who crosses time."
  • "You are a most impressive fighter."
  • "Such wonderful feats in battle."
  • "My sincerest apologies for causing such trouble."
  • "You have come to aid me...?"
  • "I must carry out my duty, no matter what."
  • "I have failed in my duty..."
  • "Most impressive, Lady Kai."
  • "Lady Kai, you are here for me...?"
  • "So this is the Bow-waisted Princess..."
  • "Lady Shangxiang, you wish to give me your aid?"
  • "He carries and commands the entire battle..."
  • "I would not dream of troubling Lord Taigong Wang..."
  • "Most impressive, my Lord Susano'o."
  • "Lord Susano'o, you have come to save me?"
  • "You are most impressive. The heavens and the earth both bless you."
  • "Such amazing feats in battle. Time shall record your name with favor."
  • "My sincerest apologies. I shall repay this kindness."
  • "You have come to aid me...? My sincerest gratitude."
  • "I must carry out my duty... even if that places you in my path."
  • "I have failed in my duty... but that may be better than hurting you..."
  • "So impressive, Lady Kai. I shall... try my best, too."
  • "Lady Kai, you came for me? ...Thank you."
  • "I and the moon have now borne witness to the prowess of the Bow-waisted Princess."
  • "Lady Shangxiang, you wish to aid me? ...Thank you."
  • "He carries and commands the entire battle... Brave and wise, such is Taigong Wang."
  • "I have caused undue trouble for Lord Taigong Wang... I must prevent such circumstances ever occurring again."
  • "Most impressive, my Lord Susano'o. The heavens and the earth shall tremble in response."
  • "Lord Susano'o, you have come to save me? ...Thank you very much."
  • "As impressive a display as ever. The heavens and earth shall be enchanted."
  • "So daring, so bold... Allow me to observe for so long as time permits."
  • "Receiving your assistance makes me feel so much stronger."
  • "Having you come to my aid makes me feel so relieved."
  • "That I should question my duty in such a fashion... I cannot overcome these doubts..."
  • "I must return to the past, in order to change this sad fate..."
  • "How very impressive you are... Kai-chin..."
  • "Having you at my side, Lady Kai, is all I require to feel brave."
  • "Your prowess never fail to enchant me, Lady Shangxiang. I can hardly look away."
  • "To be saved by Lady Shangxiang... I am so happy!"
  • "So calm, and yet so manly... You have my full attention, Lord Taigong Wang."
  • "Thank you so much for your aid, Lord Taigong Wang. I was waiting for you to come."
  • "Lord Susano'o, you fight so wildly, and on such a grand scale."
  • "Nothing can calm my heart so, as having Lord Susano'o come to my aid."
  • "If this is also to be part of my duties, I shall fight you."
  • "You are far stronger than I expected."
  • "My duties must be fulfilled."
  • "Forgive me, Lady Kai..."
  • "Lady Kai, your body is as impenetrable as solid rock..."
  • "Release the wall of fear that surrounds your heart. Cleanse it. Purify it."
  • "Lady Shangxiang... If I must..."
  • "I can't bear to fight a friend. I'm not sure if I can fulfill my duties this time."
  • "Sadness will continue unabated if something is not done... I am ready to die if need be."
  • "Please pardon my audacity, Master Taigong Wang."
  • "You are making this tough. You are an impressive warrior, Master Taigong Wang."
  • "Master Taigong Wang, forgive me for using this forbidden technique."
  • "I deeply apologize for this, Master Susano'o."
  • "Why did I ever challenge Master Susano'o? I wish I could hide away behind the moon..."
  • "I cannot run and hide. I will do everything in my power to fight back."
  • "Very well. We shall fight."
  • "Are you sure about this, Lady Shangxiang?"
  • "If this too is part of my duties, I will not move."
  • "Lady Da Ji, what are you saying...?"
  • "What are you doing, Master Taigong Wang?"
  • "Please, lower your weapon."
  • "But Master Susano'o, people are... strong."
  • "I cannot abandon my duty."

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