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Kai Kakoon

Kai-Kakoon as seen in "Gitaroo Man Lives"

Kai-Kakoon (カイカクーン) is a character added in Gitaroo-Man Lives! Not much is ever said about him, but in the game, he crashes into Gitaroo Town, and starts destroying everything. He is accompanied by three bat minions adorned with a crescent moon and flowers or ribbons on their ears.


Kai-Kakoon's battle is fairly simple in complexity beginning with a standard Charge Phase to allow the players to build up their health. Since players share this health bar, the first Charge session is somewhat long and lenient before moving into the Battle Phase. The Battle Phase begins fairly easily and does not require players to dodge much nor complex Phase Bars. The phase will gradually increase in difficultly but not much so missing a few of the beats or bars will not be overly penalizing.

After the Battle Phase the Final Phase will begin. It will start off as a long guitar solo with similarly long Phase Bars. Much like the Charge Phase, the Phase Bars will gradually become more complex in difficulty for the song's finale.


Metal Header

used in stage 1 during duet mode
A rock song sung in English which has the two players accompany with standard electric guitars. The lyrics have Kai-Kakoon proclaiming he is stronger than the players. There is only one alternate track, where it changes around four lines.

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