This is a list of commonly heard quotes from Kamille Bidan.

Dynasty Warriors GundamEdit

  • "Kamille's a man's name and I'm a man!"
  • "Kamille, ready to launch!"
  • "Gundam Mk-II ready to launch!"
  • "This is Kamille, Zeta Gundam ready to launch!"
  • "Beam Confuse!"
  • "I'm not playin' around!"
  • "Another pointless death!"
  • "Don't you get it yet? You can't beat me! Ever!"
  • "What's so fun about fighting!?"
  • "Everyone fights for selfish reasons."
  • "You don't deserve to live! Go to Hell!"
  • "You disgust me. Time for you to die!"
  • "I don't know if I'm up for this, but I don't exactly have a choice."
  • "You enjoy fighting? You make me sick!"
  • "Trust me. The dead don't shed any tears."
  • "I thought so. You've got talent!"
  • "I knew I could count on your having a plan!"
  • "If we fight together, we just might save the world!"
  • "I've gotta keep my cool... I don't want to cause you any trouble."
  • "Way to go, Amuro!"
  • "Amazing work, Lieutenant Quattro!"
  • "Good job, Lieutenant Emma!"
  • "If you weren't by my side, Four, I don't know what I'd do."
  • "Careful, Rosammy. This isn't a game."
  • "I could be dead by morning. Should've changed my underwear."
  • "It's because of people like this war will never end! Go to Hell!!"

Dynasty Warriors Gundam 3Edit

  • "What do you think you're doing here?"
  • "You disgust me! Time for you to die!"
  • "This fool doesn't know when to quit!"
  • "Pray we never cross paths again, if you want to live."
  • "You're just killing yourselves! Why don't you get it!?"

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