Character Information
Devil Eight
n/a (uses sorcery)
Real form:
Giant fire bird
Mythological Information
Real name:
Chinese name:
Also known as:
Divine name(s):
Garda shares the name of a mythological bird in Hinduism and Buddhism. Karula is an alternate name for the same bird.

Karula (カールラ) is a secondary antagonist in Saiyuki: Journey West. She was formerly a bird goddess abandoned by her family and adopted by Asura. As his daughter, she became a member of the Devil Eight.

Role in GameEdit

Garda makes her first minor appearance in the game after Mahoraga's second defeat. Finding the wounded serpent limping at Heavens Door, she brings him before Deva. Upon seeing the snake repulsed by Nagini's offers to tend to his wounds, the second-in-command orders Garda to take care of him.

Looking for her father, Garda warps into the mortal realm at Kannoj in search of him. She magically appears before Sanzo's party and notices the staff. With the presumption that gaining the staff in her possession will bring Asura back to her, she attacks the monk and his/her friends. Humiliated by her loss, she teleports away before she is interrogated by the pilgrim.

Reuniting with her father in Heaven, Garda acts on his orders to guard Purity Hall from Sanzo's approach. Defeated, she is sealed in the jewel prison holding the other sleeping Devils.


A tight lipped maiden, little is known about Garda aside from her complete devotion to Asura. She is an entity who works only for Asura's happiness.

Fighting StyleEdit

Garda specializes in destructive fire magic, utilizing nothing but magic in her appearances. Her wings do not allow her to fly over obstacles like Nagini so her range of movement matches all other Devils. She likes to target groups in both of her fights, each spell dealing at least one hundred points of damage per burst. Her attacks cover a larger space in her real form, allowing her to hurt a whole column of foes if she desired.

Regardless of her form, Garda suffers the same weaknesses in both her encounters: low health and low defense. So long as the group remains in good health, Garda's attacks won't be able to keep up.


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