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This is a list of commonly heard quotes from Katsuie Shibata.

Samurai Warriors 2Edit

  • "Your puniness makes me laugh!"
  • "Brace yourself!"
  • "Is this all they are capable of?"
  • "Another poor excuse for a warrior."
  • "Idiot! Do you know who I am?"
  • "I shall venture forth. Do not look away."
  • "I await a challenger who can topple me."
  • "Come, I shall give you death!"
  • "I am proud to fall... in my lord's service."
  • "I have no fear..."
  • "He who topples me will be mighty indeed."
  • "You had better take pride in this victory!"

Samurai Warriors 3Edit

  • "Look into my eyes and know the power of the Devil Shibata!"
  • "Simply pathetic!"
  • "That's enough of that!"
  • "You annoy me!"
  • "Run and hide!"
  • "Fear the devil!"
  • "Another foe lies broken before me!"
  • "That was a most pitiful display of might!"
  • "Hahaha! Just a drop in the ocean!"
  • "These weaklings are dropping like flies!"
  • "Simply put, I am unstoppable!"
  • "I warmly invite those who have fallen to me to try again!"
  • "The souls that I harvest are sent on to the afterlife!"
  • "The soul of yet another warrior has been extinguished by me!"

Warriors Orochi 2Edit

  • "Devil Shibata coming through!"
  • "Take this!"
  • "Get out of my way!"
  • "Witness my power!"
  • "Hope you've learned your lesson!"
  • "My axes are yours!"
  • "It's the devil's turn!"
  • "Witness the mighty spirit of the Devil Shibata!"
  • "Beware of my axes!"
  • "Another poor excuse for a warrior."
  • "Pathetic gutter trash. You couldn't outfight my corpse!"
  • "I'm still at the peak of my strength."
  • "No one can match your might!"
  • "This age is yours, warrior!"
  • "Don't get cocky!"
  • "Save your boasting until after you've won!"
  • "Hmmph... So you're not totally useless."
  • "Grrr... Perhaps I underestimated them..."
  • "I owe you my thanks."
  • "I can't believe that I needed to be rescued."
  • "I am the Devil Shibata! Quake before me!"
  • "I look forward to squaring off against you again soon."
  • "I was ready to die... this day..."
  • "I knew you were capable of reaching these heights."
  • "Come, Toshiie, do not let up yet."
  • "You should have left me!"
  • "You are favored by the heavens, my lord."
  • "My lord, please conserve your energy."
  • "You honor me, my lord, when all I do is sully your name."
  • "Like a goddess..."
  • "I am not fit to praise one of your splendor."
  • "Oichi... You should have left a worthless old man like me to die."
  • "You are indeed the Coming Evil!"
  • "Lord Dian Wei, you do your lord proud!"
  • "With three axes, we can cut our way out of here!"
  • "Lord Pang De, your might is truly impressive."
  • "No words of praise are enough for you."
  • "With your halberd and my axes, no enemy can escape our wrath."
  • "My lord, I am sorry! I am forced to fight against you!"
  • "I knew I couldn't truly fight my lord."
  • "To go against fate... is to disappear..."
  • "My lady... Forgive me."
  • "I cannot fight against Lady Oichi..."
  • "Please... live for me as well..."
  • "Lord Dian Wei... so we meet."
  • "It was an honor to cross axes with you..."
  • "At last, I met a worthy enemy..."
  • "You look like a formidable opponent. Let's test our mettle, shall we?"
  • "Well fought. I wish to meet again soon."
  • "Continue down your own path..."

Warriors Orochi 3Edit

  • "Look into my eyes and know the power of the Devil Shibata!"
  • "It was only one victory. It's hardly worth celebrating."
  • "Time to show them the spirit of the Devil Shibata's army!"
  • "I simply defeated those enemies that stood in my way."
  • "Behold the soul of the Devil Shibata's army!"
  • "Shut up and take this. It's a token of... Ahh, forget it."
  • "Hmph! I'm surprised you managed to complete that task."
  • "Hmph! Do you ever take anything seriously?"
  • "I defeated numerous enemies in the last battle. Not that I want to talk about it..."
  • "It brings me great joy to have participated in so many battles recently. The battlefield is my true home."
  • "I am of the belief that one should recover from the previous battle while fighting in the next one."
  • "Would you shut up already?! Allow me to drink in peace!"
  • "Another foe lies broken before me!"
  • "The Devil reigns supreme!"
  • "Your skill in battle is unsurpassed!"
  • "You've grown, Toshiie... You are truly a warrior without peer!"
  • "Lady Oichi, has the devil inside of you awoken...?"
  • "You are a True Warrior of the Three Kingdoms, Lord Dian Wei!"
  • "You are a True Warrior of the Three Kingdoms, Lord Pang De!"
  • "I must be getting rusty if things have gone this far!"
  • "The world can't handle two of me!"
  • "Fine work!"
  • "Don't be proud just yet!"
  • "How shameful..."
  • "Saved by the likes of you..."
  • "Shut up and fight..."
  • "Hmph, it'll take more than that!"
  • "Don't get cocky, Toshiie!"
  • "There you are, Toshiie."
  • "Lady Oichi, don't trouble yourself."
  • "Stay back, Lady Oichi."
  • "Impressive, my lord."
  • "Thank you for the backup, my lord."
  • "Well done, my lord."
  • "I appreciate the aid, my lord."
  • "Well done. Just don't let it go to your head."
  • "Don't feel proud of yourself just yet! You still have a ways to go!"
  • "How shameful... I'll repay this debt to you in fallen foes!"
  • "The Devil must be getting old if he needs help from the likes of you!"
  • "Just shut up and fight me... Surpass the Devil and achieve your true potential!"
  • "Hmph! It'll take more than that to do me in. You're letting your emotions influence you..."
  • "Don't be satisfied just yet, Toshiie! Your greatest deeds still lie ahead!"
  • "There you area, Toshiie. Let's show them the heart and soul of the Devil Shibata's army!"
  • "You shouldn't trouble yourself so, my lady. Leave hell to the Devil."
  • "Stay back, Lady Oichi. Don't tread into hell on the Devil's behalf."
  • "Impressive, my lord. Your prowess is always welcome."
  • "Thank you for the reinforcements. Let us carve a swath of bloodshed together!"
  • "Excellent, my lord. You are the very epitome of the warrior."
  • "I owe you my thanks, my lord. I will repay you in deeds, not words."
  • "Yes, strong and bold in battle. You have Katsuie's blade until the bitter end!"
  • "Hmph! Don't get cocky! You still have room to improve."
  • "Sorry to trouble you. I'll try to rack up a suitable body count."
  • "The Devil helped by a weakling?! It almost brings a tear to my eye..."
  • "I'm not going to waste words on you. Let's get down to it!"
  • "You've grown stronger..."
  • "Don't expect any praise from me, Toshiie. You've still got plenty of obstacles left to overcome!"
  • "Hmph, grown a bit, haven't you... You're still a child in my eyes, though, Toshiie!"
  • "Lady Oichi, please be careful... I can't concentrate with you here..."
  • "My lady, you mustn't worry for me. The Devil is always prepared to die."
  • "Your courage and loyalty almost make me jealous..."
  • "With our axes together we can cut our way out of anything!"
  • "Heh... You don't need any empty fawning from me."
  • "It takes a warrior to know a warrior... Thanks for your aid!"
  • "I will be your opponent today."
  • "Argh... You're stronger than I expected."
  • "Show me what you've got!"
  • "Toshiie, I will show you the true spirit of the Devil Shibata."
  • "You will never defeat me like that. Come at me as if you want me dead!"
  • "Yes, that's it... Now I can show you my true strength!"
  • "Lady Oichi... Forgive me!"
  • "Hmph... I'm going easy on you without even realizing it."
  • "Lady Oichi, I'm sorry! I will fight you with everything I have!"
  • "Master Dian Wei, I challenge you to a duel."
  • "What strength... How can one axe overcome two...?"
  • "I must give my all if I am to prevail over such a mighty adversary!"
  • "Master Pang De, no words are necessary."
  • "I respect your unwavering skill as a warrior."
  • "I have to do whatever it takes to counter your ferocious attacks!"
  • "My only task is to cut down the opponent before me."
  • "The blades of my axes shall cut you down!"
  • "Over my dead body!"
  • "Quiet! I will show you to your grave!"
  • "Do not speak! Our weapons will do the talking for us!"

Kessen IIIEdit

  • "My lord, this is the latest information on the situation."
  • "According to our scouts, this is the current situation."
  • "With this deployments we shall destroy the enemy!"
  • "My lord, I have brought a man that shows promise."
  • "I failed to live up to my reputation."
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