Siege of Kawagoe Castle
Kawagoe Castle (NA)
Date October 1545 - May 19, 1546
Location Kawagoe, Musashi province
Result Hojo victory, Uesugi siege fails
Hōjō Uesugi
Tsunashige Hōjō
Ujiyasu Hōjō
Tomosada Uesugi
Norimasa Uesugi

The Siege of Kawagoe Castle (河越城の戦い) is one of the most famous night raids in the Warring States period. The Uesugi forces attacked the castle well, but reinforcements led by Ujiyasu gave the trapped Tsunashige a turn-around advantage.

Role in GameEdit

The stage first appears in Samurai Warriors Katana; Kotarō sends a lone ninja to rescue Tsunashige from annihilation. Kotarō defends the upper levels of the castle before moving down to rescue the entrapped Hojo commander. Although Tsunashige is found, the ninja then has to deal with Kenshin before escaping.

For Samurai Warriors 3, the siege is exclusive to Ujiyasu's story as it uses the same map as Inabayama, Kozuki and Fushimi castles. The rescue starts with Ujiyasu luring Norishige Obata, Norikage and Norinaga Nagao out to the open and wounding them. Ujiyasu heads to the Southwestern garrison to incapacitate Norimasa and confuse the Uesugi forces; the distraction serves to help to rescue Tsunashige. Shingen and Yoshimoto arrive to assist Tomosada and Aya later in the battle. Once Tsunashige is safely away, Ujiyasu must defeat Tomosada to finish the battle.

Historical InformationEdit

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