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Kazunari Tanaka (田中 一成, Tanaka Kazunari, born April 8, 1965 in Osaka Prefecture) is a Japanese voice actor affiliated with Aoni Production. He entered the agency after he graduated from its vocational program, Aoni Jyuku. Tanaka is also proficient in kung fu and has a first degree black belt in judo. Some of his other hobbies include guitar playing and motorcycling. He was once a guitarist for the band called "Lost & Found".

Most of Tanaka's well-known performances are of hot-headed outspoken characters, though he has provided his vocals to more relaxed roles on a number of occasions. Among his roles are Shinichirō Tamaki from Code Geass, Inuyama from Air Gear, and Tsutomu Rokutanda from Marmalade Boy. He has also done narration work for several shows for NHK and BS-TBS.

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