Keiji Yamagishi (山岸 継司, Yamagishi Keiji, born October 27 in Ebina, Kanagawa), also known as More Yamasan, is a music composer. He is currently a founding member and participant of Brave Wave Music, an independent music label.

Yamagishi started his composing career by composing video game music in the '80s. He is best known for his work in Tecmo for the Ninja Gaiden, Tecmo Bowl and Captain Tsubasa games. By the mid 1990s, he left Tecmo to work at Koei. Yamagishi was a sound director for the company's sound team until his departure.

He chose to leave the video game industry entirely in favor of a freelance music career. During his time away from video games, Yamagishi kept in touch with other former video game composers to eventually co-found their label. He continues to appreciate the retro video game fans whom admire his past work, although Yamagishi notes that a majority of them are from around the world rather than Japan.

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