Keijun Miyabe
Keijun Miyabe
Character Information
Clan(s)/Alliance(s): Miyabe
Unit Type:
Significant Battle(s):
First Appearance: Samurai Warriors
Historical Information
Real name:
Miyabe Keijun
Japanese name:
宮部 継潤
April 20, 1599

Keijun Miyabe is a retainer of the Azai clan who was formerly a Tendai monk from Mt. Hiei. He originally served under Nagamasa until he defected to Hideyoshi. He continued to support Hideyoshi faithfully, allegedly sharing a deep trust with his lord.

Role in GamesEdit

He first appears in the first Samurai Warriors fighting at Anegawa under the Azai-Asakura alliance. In the expansion, he joins in the pursuit at Kanegasaki.

In Samurai Warriors 2, Keijun mainly appears at Odani castle defending the Kingo Ward. If the player is Nagamasa and he doesn't perform well, Keijun will lose faith in the Azai clan and join the Oda. The scenario is the same in the Oda scenario, except he stays loyal to the Azai cause. In Oichi's dream stage at Shizugatake, he will find himself ambushed by Nagahide Niwa and Nene. Oichi can save him and get him to recognize her beauty.

Samurai Warriors 3 has Keijun Miyabe once again as a major player at Anegawa. His role varies per story. In Hanbei's story, he and another officer Katsumoto Katagiri can be convinced by the young strategist and the recently defected Naofusa Higuchi to join the Oda. His last major appearance is at Odani Castle. He can be saved by Oichi, along with another Azai defender, Sadayuki Atsuji.

One of his roles in Warriors Orochi 2 has Keijun surrounded by enemy forces. He has to be rescued and will give a special conversation if San Zang is not on the player's team.


Historical informationEdit


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