Keiser (FNS2)
Character Information
Allegiance(s): Han
Martial Art: Moko-ryu Yokin Sho
Voice Actor(s):
First Appearance: Fist of the North Star: Ken's Rage 2

Keiser (カイゼル) is a minor villain in the Fist of the North Star series. He is a District General serving under the man who once wounded him, Han. It is said that he won 1800 victories.


Keiser is first seen when Rin is brought before him to watch a match between Alf and another Shura. Keiser extracts a drip of her blood without cutting her into a cup of wine. When the match is over, he promises to wed Rin to the winner. Alf wins the match, but is rejected the reward. Keiser informs him that a lesser Shura was killed by a man with seven scars on his chest. If Alf kills Kenshiro, only then would Keiser wed Rin to him. However, Alf is killed after a two minute battle with the Hoktuo Shinken user. Hours later, Shachi takes Rin from her cell to use her in his quest for power. Keiser sends his men to recapture Rin, but they all fail. Keiser then puts Shachi to the test by having two of his men to fight him. After they lose, Keiser fights him in an attempt to rip his organs out. Shachi anticipates the attack and breaks the District leader's right arm. Shachi then detroys Keiser's brain with the Hama Dokushi. In his last moments, Keiser explains the three Shura Generals who rule Shura, and that one of them, Han scarred his chest and that Shachi can never beat him.


  • "Hmm... Your technique is something to be feared."
  • "You're challenging me? I applaud your enthusiasm! It's been a while since I've trembled with excitement!"
  • "Impressive... However, what is your goal beyond defeating me?"


  • Kohai Yuga Tou - Keiser shoots a yellow beam of energy at his opponent.

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