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Kennyo Honganji
Kennyo honganji
Character Information
Clan(s)/Alliance(s): Honganji Rioters
Weapon Type: Sword (vanilla)
Spear (cheat disk)
Unit Type: Unique
Significant Battle(s):
First Appearance: Samurai Warriors
Historical Information
Real name:
Japanese name:
February 20, 1543
December 27, 1592
Real name was Kōsa (光佐). Kennyo was alternatively spelled as 顯如.

Kennyo (顕如) is a practitioner of the Jōdo Shinshū faith and the eleventh known abbot to inherit the temple, Honganji. He is famous for declaring Nobunaga as an enemy to religion (namely Japanese Buddhism) and ordered hordes of rural believers to oppose him. For over a decade, Kennyo and his followers posed a serious threat to Nobunaga.

The English localization of Koei games erroneously transcribes his name as Kennyo Honganji from his common character name in the games (本願寺 顕如, Honganji Kennyo); Honganji is not a family name so the Western name order would not actually apply. An approximate English translation of the same name would be "Kennyo of Hongan Temple".

His non-playable Samurai Warriors counterpart can be played by using a cheat disk for the first game.

Role in GamesEdit

Samurai WarriorsEdit

Kennyo appears during Magoichi's story mode in Samurai Warriors. He is a reserved yet pacifistic individual who leads the remainder of the Ikko sect to oppose Nobunaga. However, his determination wavers when he sees some of his defenses faltering. In order to prevent more casualties, he decides to surrender to Nobunaga. Due to a previous and bloody experience with the Demon King, Magoichi will try to prevent this. In both story paths, Kennyo will swear loyalty to Nobunaga as a condition of surrender.

Though he personally doesn't appear, the Honganji forces appear once more at Osaka Bay in Samurai Warriors 2.


Kennyo is depicted as a scheming menace in Kessen III. A corrupt and stubborn man, he leads a long and drawn out rebellion against Nobunaga. Eventually, his revolt is stopped when Nobunaga personally defeats him in battle.

Mōri Motonari: Chikai no SanyaEdit

As the eleventh head abbot of Honganji, Kennyo leads the Ishigami-Honganji rebels with his eldest son, Kyonyo, in this title. He opposes the Oda forces brutality on a religious level and wishes to save the people from Nobunaga's demonic influences. When the rebels succeed in a small victory against oppressive Oda troops, the daimyo snaps and orders Katsuie to slaughter the rebels in Echizen. Decimated from the slaughter, Kennyo and his rebels barely hang on to their base at Kizugawaguchi. The rebels are relieved when Terumoto's army guards their supply line and drives away the Oda army and navy. Filled with heartfelt gratitude, Kennyo personally thanks the young lord for his efforts.


  • "I do not crave for bloodshed, but..."
  • "Enemy of the Buddha, why do you not repent?"

Voice ActorsEdit

  • Kirk Thornton - Samurai Warriors (English)
  • Nobuyuki Hiyama - Samurai Warriors (Japanese)
  • Wataru Takagi - Kessen III (Japanese)
  • Hisao Egawa - CR Sengoku no Arashi ~Nobunaga no Shou~
  • Keiji Hirai - Sengoku Pachislot Nobunaga no Yabou ~Tenka Sousei~

Historical InformationEdit


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