Kimiya Masago (正子 公也, Masago Kimiya, born 1960 in Okayama) is a freelance illustrator with an affinity for historical figures from the Three Kingdoms and Warring States eras. Originally a physics major at Chuo University, he became a professional artist after studying under the cartoonist Buichi Terasawa. His first independent work, Rouault no Doukeshi, was released in 1990. After making a name for himself in various publications, he eventually branched into films as a costume designer and concept artist. His favorite novel is Water Margin.

Masago's paintings mostly employ eye-catching colors and contrasting shades to evoke a sense of dramatic flair. His signature art style is predominantly based on traditional Chinese aesthetics using Japanese and Western painting techniques. A passionate fan of his chosen field, Masago believes that an artist must understand their subject matter on a personal level and not rely too much on already-established concepts.

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