King Daphnes
Daphnes - HW
Character Information
Hylian Spirit
King of the Ancient Country
King of Red Lions
Useful Weapon Skill:
VS Sea
Voice Actors:
Eiji Maruyama
First Appearance: Hyrule Warriors Legends
Can be registered into Hyrule Warriors.

Daphnes Nohansen Hyrule (ダフネス・ノハンセン・ハイラル, Dafunesu Nohansen Hairaru), also known as King of Hyrule (ハイラル王), is a character first introduced in The Wind Waker. His failure to stop Ganondorf's return in the adult timeline left his spirit wandering. He seeks to find a hero worthy enough to save the land.

Character InformationEdit


King Daphnes is a stern yet kind figure. He acts as a father figure to all those around him, and as a noble king puts the safety of others before his own. The prosperity of his kingdom and its people are his top priority. Despite his royal status, King Daphnes has a soft spot for children, often aiding the Link of the Great Sea Era with fatherly advise and patience. He's also known to tell the occasional joke in calm situations.


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Keys: Y Normal Attack ▲ X Charge AttackA Special TechniqueB Evade


X Daphnes flies into the air and assumes his boat form. He then comes crashing down onto a circular pool of water that materializes on the ground below him, which deals knockback to enemies around it. The Wind Meter will be filled, and Daphnes' body will be surrounded by the wind element. While this is active, all of Daphnes' attacks will receive a significant speed boost. The Wind Meter lasts for approximately 30 seconds and can be replenished at any time.
Y, X: Daphnes plants his sail into the ground and launches it upwards, knocking enemies upwards with it.
Y, Y, X: Does a forward dash while twirling his sail in front of him, then finishes with a watery rising slash.
Y, Y, Y, X: Takes his boat form, then sails in a circular pattern in a pool of water that appears beneath him. Finishes by detonating the pool of water, which knocks back enemies.
Y, Y, Y, Y, X: Twirls his sail above him, creating a whirlwind that gets bigger and bigger and sucks enemies in. He then finishes by knocking the enemies away.
Y, Y, Y, Y, Y, X: Turns into his boat form with water appearing on the ground beneath him. He then sails forward, bulldozing any enemies in his path, before coming to a sliding halt. He can be steered with the control stick.
Y, Y, Y, Y, Y, Y: Daphnes swings his sail upwards and to the left before slamming it down onto the ground. He then swings the sail around his body and then slams it down again. He then twirls the sail in the air, creating a gale that takes enemies into it, and then slashes horizontally at the trapped enemies. He then charges forward twirling the sail in front of him, and finishes with a rising swing.
A: Daphnes turns into his boat form and a large wave of water forms underneath him. He then rides the waves forward, bulldozing enemies in his path.
Focus Spirit + A: The ail will rise into the air and grow significantly in size. Daphnes then slams the sail's shaft into the ground, dealing huge damage to enemies in a small area in front of him.
Focus Spirit Finisher: Daphnes clutches his hand on his chest and closes his eyes. He then swings his arm to the side and summons a large watery explosion that knocks away enemies.
Weak Point Smash: Daphnes swings the sail several times at the enemy. The sail then flies underneath him as he launches it at the enemy.


Weapon Information (Element: Water)
Description: A sail used by the King of Red Lions. It holds the awesome power of the wind and the fury of the Great Sea. Use a Strong Attack to summon the wind's blessings to increase your attack speed.
Windfall Sail Skill Slots: 1~2
Sail - 1st Weapon (HW) Base Attack: 80 1Attack: 88
2Attack: 96 3Attack: 104
4Attack: 112 5Attack: 120
Swift Sail Skill Slots: 3~4
Sail - 2nd Weapon (HW) Base Attack: 150 1Attack: 165
2Attack: 180 3Attack: 195
4Attack: 210 5Attack: 225
Sail of Red Lions Skill Slots: 6~8
Sail - 3rd Weapon (HW) Base Attack: 280 1Attack: 308
2Attack: 336 3Attack: 364
4Attack: 392 5Attack: 420
Sail of Red Lions + (Legends) Skill Slots: 7~8
Sail - 3rd Weapon (HW) Base Attack: 500 1Attack: 550
2Attack: 600 3Attack: 650
4Attack: 700 5Attack: 750
Supercharged Sail (Legends) Skill Slots: 7~8
Sail - 3rd Weapon (HW) Base Attack: 500 1Attack: 550
2Attack: 600 3Attack: 650
4Attack: 700 5Attack: 750
Secondary Element: Lightning

Badge MaterialsEdit

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Badge Materials
Kokiri Sword I
Kokiri Sword II
Kokiri Sword III
Kokiri Sword IV
Stamina Fruit I
Stamina Fruit II
Stamina Fruit III
Digging Mitts I
Digging Mitts II
Digging Mitts III
Din's Fire I
Din's Fire II
Din's Fire III
Hover Boots I
Hover Boots II
Hover Boots III
Fierce Deity's Mask I
Fierce Deity's Mask II

Badge Materials
Empty Bottle I
Empty Bottle II
Empty Bottle III
Hornet Larvae I
Hornet Larvae II
Hornet Larvae III
Nayru's Love I
Nayru's Love II
Nayru's Love III
Goron Tunic I
Goron Tunic II
Goron Tunic III
Zora Tunic I
Zora Tunic II
Zora Tunic III
Magic Armor I
Magic Armor II
Magic Armor III
Sacred Shield I
Sacred Shield II
Sacred Shield III
Mirror Shield I
Mirror Shield II
Mirror Shield III

Badge Materials
Farore's Wind I
Farore's Wind II
Farore's Wind III
Goron's Bracelet I
Goron's Bracelet II
Hawkeye I
Hawkeye II
Beetle I
Beetle II
Whip I
Whip II


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