King Midang
Midang (DWB)
Character Information
Force(s): Qiang
Weapon Type: Sword (7~8)
Twin axes (Blast)
Unit Type: Strategist
Significant Battle(s):
First Appearance: Dynasty Warriors 7
Historical Information
Real name:
Mídāng Dàwáng
Chinese name:
迷當大王 - 迷当大王
Style name:
Chinese name:
The novel has him die in 253.

King Midang (onyomi: Meitō Daiō) is a ruler of the Qiang tribe during the Three Kingdoms era. The novel has him join Shu at the behest of Xi Zheng only to surrender due to Chen Tai's ploy. After submitting to Guo Huai, he lead the Wei officers to Jiang Wei's main camp and was summarily killed by them.

Role in GamesEdit

Simply known as Midang in Asian ports of the Dynasty Warriors series, he solely appears as an enemy officer in Jin's stories. The eighth title has him arrive alongside Jiang Wei once their allies have been disposed of in the Battle of Mt. Tielong. He is considered an unaffiliated character in the main series though Blast reclassifies him as a Shu officer.

His Romance of the Three Kingdoms incarnation has decent stats in war and leadership while severely lacking in other traits.