King Rhino
Character Information
Mythological Information
Real name:
Dújiǎosì Dàwáng
Chinese name:
Also known as:
Lone Horned Buffalo King
Blue Ox Spirit
Rhinoceros Demon King
King Rhinoceros or King Rhino

Lone Horn Buffalo (独角兕, onyomi: Dokkaku Ji) is a secondary antagonist in Saiyuki: Journey West. He is one of King Taurus's lieutenants.

Role in GameEdit

After Taurus conquered China, he gave the territory to Rhinon. Taking pride in his duties, Rhinon and his lackeys terrorize travelers who try to cross Mire River. He extorts them of their weapons and treasures with hopes to offer the spoils to Taurus. During one of his typical robberies, he tries to kidnap Sanzo. Beaten and humiliated, he retreats back to his master's hideout to report his failure. Rhinon reports the monk's intended journey westward, the monsters scheming to ensnare the main party.

Rhinon makes a brief appearance after Tigra's defeat. The Were is searching for something and pokes through Tigra's getaway for it. His startled meeting with Sanzo's party distracts them long enough for Tigra to escape. Rhinon's association with the monster is enough proof for the monk's friends to see the connection between the two Weres and Taurus.

The Weres return to Storm Mountain to launch a final trap for the monk's party. After losing his second attempt to trounce the monk, Rhinon runs away from Sanzo's party and is out of action for the rest of the story.


Rhinon is gruff and arrogant, believing that his strength is enough to pave through his troubles. He wants to keep Taurus happy and build a reputation better than other Weres. Like the other minions, he turns into a quivering coward when faced with his boss's temper.

Fighting StyleEdit

A strong brawler, Rhinon has the potential to hack away at least one third of a party member's life during their first encounter. His spear allows him to attack at least three squares away from him with startling accuracy. If the party keeps their distance from him, he will try to retaliate with a long ranged group spell that weakens the party's attack. Since he only has enough magic points to cast the spell once, Rhinon's best tactic is to try to close in on the party members. So long as the player keeps his traits in mind, he will pose little threat to them during his second encounter.

Journey to the WestEdit

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