King of England
Character Information
Faction: England
Unit Type:
Royal lancers
Weapon Type: Lance
Significant Battle(s):
Battle of Agincourt
Voice Actors:
Seiji Sasaki (JP)
Historical Information
Real Name:
Edward of Windsor
November 13, 1312
June 21, 1377
Also known as "Edward III".

The King of England (イングランド王) is one of the reigning kings during the Hundred Years' War. Known to be an incredibly charismatic and popular with the nobility, he prospered with military success during his early reign. He founded the Order of the Garter, the highest order chivalry which is still used in England today. Edward the Black Prince is his eldest son.

Role in GameEdit

The King arrives by sea to oversee the course of the war after his son, Edward the Black Prince, secures the port of Saint-Vaast La Hogue. Shortly thereafter, the King decrees Chevauchée, issuing orders to his forces to raid the French country side in an attempt to provoke the King of France into battle.

Character InformationEdit


A militaristic and majestic ruler. A man of distinctive character, he has the ability to make quick decisions and will do anything to carry out his will. Despite his harsh demeanor towards his son, he actually believes in the young man's capabilities as a commander and eventually comes to entrust him with the task of conquering France.


  • "You would defy the King of England? Very well."
  • "Get out of my sight, you malodorous imbecile!"
  • "I am grateful for your assistance."
  • "I am most impressed... pray, continue your sterling efforts!"
  • "Give of your best, for England's sake."
  • "Our people shall be victorious!"
  • "Impossible! I should not face defeat!"
  • "I shall wrest back what rightfully belongs to the Crown!"
  • "This is now my demesne!"
  • "Fearless warriors of England. Now is the moment to vanquish our foe!"
  • "Meet the enemy head on. Crush them!"

  • "Father! I fail to see the wisdom in a course that can only be the detriment of our people!"
"You question Us?"
"I beseech you, entrust the battle on the continent to me!"
"So be it. Let Us see how far this unseemly concern for the people can take you!"
~~Prince Edward and the King of England

Historical InformationEdit


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