King of France
Character Information
Faction: France
Unit Type:
Royal lancers
Weapon Type: Lance
Significant Battle(s):
March to Reims
Battle of Formigny
Battle of Agincourt
Voice Actors:
Yūki Masuda (JP)
Historical Information
Real Name:
Charles VII
October 21, 1422
July 22, 1461
Also known as "Charles le Victorieux" or "Charles le Bien Servi".

The King of France (フランス王) is one of the reigning kings during latter half of the Hundred Years' War. During his early years, he was not a favored successor for his father and was even ridiculed as "The Small King of Bourges". He was able to salvage his reputation and gain prominence within the court by using Joan of Arc, La Hire and Gilles de Rais's victories within the war to his advantage.

Role in GameEdit

The King of France's appearance is limited to key battles against the English forces in Bladestorm: The Hundred Years' War. Despite his presence in the front lines, rarely does he advance without an escort to guarantee his safety.

Character InformationEdit


An intelligent, learned individual, his manner gives the impression that he can read anyone's mind. He strongly dislikes impulsive acts and always acts after carefully analyzing the situation at hand. However, he has been known to treat his subordinates as expendable pawns for the well-being of France. This is best demonstrated by his inaction to save Joan and demoting Arthur de Richemont who had been framed for treachery.


  • "I shall vanquish you and your ilk... for the glory of France!"
  • "With such woeful skills, you should be ashamed to face me in battle."
  • "You have saved not only me, but all of France."
  • "Such extraordinary talent... You will be a valuable ally for our cause."
  • "I would offer my life for the sake of my country."
  • "Humph... such a waste of my time."
  • "I may have overestimated my skills..."
  • "Join me and I shall lead France to a glorious future!"
  • "This now falls within my realm."
  • "This day shall witness a great victory for France! Forward!"
  • "I see through their plans... Prepare to repel the attack!"
  • "Honorable knights of France! Strike forth and rid our lands of these detestable English dogs!"

Historical InformationEdit


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