Chapter 1: The Tiger of Jiang DongEdit

Yellow Turban Menace: Han Forces VS Yellow TurbansEdit

Defeat Guan Hai and Liu Pi in the east land so Sun Jian's army can advance. After helping Liu Bei in the south with Gao Sheng, Zhang Liang will summon a rainstorm. Huangfu Song will pass through the castle only to be ambush by He Yi. Go ahead and bail him out, then wait for Yan Zheng to ambush him when Huangfu Song arrives outside of the castle at the northeast. Defeat Yan Zheng and head for Zhang Liang to end his attack on the Han forces. Completing this level will prevent him appearing in the last battle, but only if he is defeated before he can retreat, which happens once every Yellow Turban officer on the map, including Zhang Liang's sub-officer Han Xian, are defeated, though he will stay and fight if already engaged by Han forces.

Yellow Turban Fortress: Han Forces VS Yellow TurbansEdit

Sun Jian will advance from the west and Cao Cao with Liu Bei attack in the east. May as well go ahead and defeat Bo Zhang to get inside the fortress. After you get inside, a phantom army will appear to stop your advance. Destroy the two large cauldrons in the south and defeat Zhou Cang to advance toward the castle where Zhang Bao is holed up. You can always take the other path as well. The other path in the east is where Pei Yuan Shao will use the windmills on you. Destroy the windmills, then head for the castle and defeat Cheng Yuanzhi to gain entrance. Defeating Zhang Bao here will prevent him from appearing in the final battle, but only if he is defeated before he can retreat, which he does once the nearby enemy Gate Captain is defeated along with every other Yellow Turban officer on the map.

Yellow Turban Rebellion: Han Forces VS Yellow TurbansEdit

If you completed the other stages then Zhang Bao and Zhang Liang won't be in this level. Sun Jian will attack from the west, Cao Cao advances in the east, and Liu Bei will move up north through the center. If Zhang Bao is alive in this level, he will use the flame geyser on your forces in the east. If Zhang Liang is in this level, he will use the rocks against your army in the west. Once you make it to the top, Zhang Jiao will send explosive rocks rolling at you if both of his brothers are not in this battle. Take no moment to rest and put his rebellion down. He will retreat if every Yellow Turban officer on the map and the enemy Gate Captain next to him are defeated first.

Wu Tales: The Two QiaosEdit

The Two Qiaos: Sun Jian's Forces VS Dong Zhuo's ForcesEdit

  • Commanders: Sun Ce VS Dong Zhuo
  • How to get it: In Chapter 1, select the Yellow Turban Fortress first then pick the Yellow Turban Rebellion second.

This is basically a suicide mission in the dead of a storm-filled night as Sun Ce and Zhou Yu attempt to save their wives, Da Qiao and Xiao Qiao, from He Fei Castle with no support, save for your bodyguards if you bring any with you, no troops, no reinforcements, and very low defense. That being said, if any of them are routed, you lose the stage.

First, depending on your starting position if you're playing as Zhou Yu or anyone else but Sun Ce or one of the Two Qiaos, you should get Xiao Qiao rescued as she is being pursued down the center left path by several squads of Dong Zhuo troops, then head up to the castle to save Da Qiao, who's surrounded by more troops from Dong Zhuo, though Sun Ce should meet up with her before you do. Niou Fu will then appear with some defense troops, including archers, so deal with him, and then the main army will appear, consisting of Dong Zhuo himself, along with Hua Xiong, who is powered up for this stage like at Si Shui Gate, Li Jue, and Xu Rong. Dong Zhuo will go down the middle and if he sees you, the whole army will come after you with a load of men. Once you sneak past him, head for the escape point, where Guo Si will appear at, with Li Ru as an ambush party when Guo Si spots you. Defeat him and claim the point as any surviving enemy troops will flee once he's gone, including the Gate Captain. (Clearing this stage as Sun Ce, Zhou Yu, Da Qiao, or Xiao Qiao will trigger a cutscene at the end of the stage of the two couples as they reunite before returning home.)

Wu Tales: Return of the Yellow TurbansEdit

Return of the Yellow Turbans: Sun Jian's Forces VS Zhang Jiao's ForcesEdit

  • Commanders: Sun Jian VS Zhang Jiao
  • How to get it: Select the Yellow Turban Rebellion first and allow Zhang Jiao to escape.

Although this battle is similar to that of the other factions, Huang Gai and Sun Shang Xiang will be the officers under Sun Jian instead. Stop Zhang Lu's Army then defeat the real Zhang Lu. Once Zhang Jiao has cast the spell on your army, head for the fortress up north where he is at and destroy the three cauldrons to break the spell. Put Zhang Jiao down and end his rebellion once again.

Chapter 2: The Alliance Against Dong ZhuoEdit

Assault on Si Shui Gate: Allied Forces VS Dong Zhuo's ForcesEdit

Yuan Shu will be in charge of the supplies. The player can raid the enemy supply depot or head for Si Shui Gate to defeat Hua Xiong and his officers, forcing Li Jue to consider retreating. However, if the player skips this stage, then Hua Xiong will appear near Yuan Shao in the next battle once Luo Yang has been set ablaze by Dong Zhuo.

Battle of Hu Lao Gate: Allied Forces VS Dong Zhuo's ForcesEdit

  • Commanders: Yuan Shao Vs. Dong Zhuo

As you figured, if you got the supplies in the last battle or prevented Sun Jian from being routed, then he should attack the enemy normally while the Allies get a morale boost at the start of the stage from clearing Si Shui Gate first. Sun Jian will attack from the east on Qing Long Gate, Liu Bei from the north on Xuan Wu Gate, and Cao Cao from the south on Zhu Qiao Gate, dealing with an archer ambush from Li Ru immediately. Once you've cleared the gate, a siege ram will appear to tear down Hu Lao Gate. Take the moment to beat up Cao Cao's or Liu Bei's enemy general while you wait. After the gate is destroyed, head inside to meet Lu Bu who will challenge you to a duel. Accept his offer or run from him to take on Diao Chan. Moreover, defeat Dong Zhuo or weaken him to the point of retreating, and you will have yourself a victory once more for Sun Jian's army.

Wu Tales: The Symbol of the MandateEdit

The Imperial Seal: Sun Jian's Forces VS Dong Zhuo's ForcesEdit

  • Commanders: Sun Jian VS Dong Zhuo
  • How to get it: In Chapter 2, select Hu Lao Gate first.

Finding the Imperial Seal can be short or long, but many of you want to do this the short way. To start off, break open a few boxes but be careful since Zhang Liao, Diao Chan, and Li Jue are moving about. Once you manage to break up to 50 or more boxes, you will see a cut scene where Dong Zhuo's officers find the Seal. After the pig Dong Zhuo has the Seal, he will try to get away so make sure that he knows where you are and that you have lured him towards the area where Sun Jian's unit is at. Give Dong Zhuo a beat down and you will have claimed the Imperial Seal for Sun Jian to have as his own.

If done the long way, as you destroy the crates in the area where Sun Jian starts, Zhang Liao, Li Jue, and Diao Chan will send small scout units to look around. If you can avoid them until they finish their patrols and return to their main force, each officer will give up and retreat once you've destroyed enough crates, but if you're spotted, they will return to investigate the report of enemy forces when Dong Zhuo himself arrives, making things a little harder to find the Seal. Once each officer has left, you're free to clear out their area of the boxes, but still be wary of the scouts from the remaining officers when they start their patrols. If you can avoid being spotted by all three officers until they leave, Lu Bu will show up to battle Sun Jian's troops. Ignore him and continue looking for the Seal. However, if you chose to blow your cover and reveal yourself to Diao Chan, Li Jue, and Zhang Liao, they will call for backup and engage Sun Jian's troops directly. Once they've been eliminated, Lu Bu appears, but if you avoid engaging him, he will leave the area, at which point a soldier will state he was apparently just passing through. However, that's when Dong Zhuo himself then appears to claim the Seal, along with Zhang Liao, Li Jue, and Diao Chan if they gave up and left earlier, so deal with them now before resuming the search. At several points, reports of the Seal will cause more decorative boxes to appear in certain parts of the map. Only once all 99 of the boxes, 96 regular and 3 decorative, are destroyed will the Seal appear in one final decorative box for you to claim, or if you fail to destroy all 99 boxes until about 3 minutes are left on the stage timer. Once 3 minutes are left, the Seal's box will appear automatically.

Chapter 3: The Little ConquerorEdit

Assault on Liu Biao: Sun Jian's Forces VS Liu Biao's ForcesEdit

The quickest way to save your commander is by usually staying with him, but if you want to win this battle quick then I suggest you go straight for Liu Biao himself. If you beat this level quickly, you will receive an interesting surprise in the next few battles. More or less, just head straight for Liu Biao and you will not have to worry about the enemy reinforcements that appear during this battle. (HINT: Make sure that the gate is open so you can save Sun Jian.)

If the Campaign for the Wu Territory is done first, and you just unlocked Taishi Ci as a playable character, Taishi Ci will warn Sun Jian of Lu Gong's ruse, thus allowing Sun Jian to remain with Sun Ce and Zhu Zhi's forces while Taishi Ci is tasked with chasing down Lu Gong and falling into Lu Gong's trap instead.

Campaign for the Wu Territory: Sun Ce's Forces VS Allied ForcesEdit

As you and the army advance towards the first fortress, Yu Mi, Zhang Ying's sub-officer, will flee inside the fortress to take cover while the gates are closed to prevent Sun Ce's army from entering. Sun Ce will hold his army back till the enemy is done with their retreat. Although you can get inside the place, you should not worry about it since Sun Ce's officer, Jiang Qin, will infiltrate the fort and open the gates to let you in. Once Zhang Ying sees how sneaky Sun Ce is, he will abandon Niu Zhu Fortress and head elsewhere, but he will come back later on. As your forces slaughter the allied forces, you will come towards the next fort, Shen Di Castle. (HINT: Do not travel towards the supply depot located directly below the first fortress unless you want to be surprised by the ambush party in the path.) At Shen Di Castle, Taishi Ci stands ready to take you on in a duel. After you beat him, he will fall to the earth in shame, but you will convince him to join your side. He will take his leave but return some time later on.

Once you manage to gain entrance into Shen Di Castle, a massive army of enemy reinforcements will appear. (HINT: If you did complete the first battle before any reinforcements could arrive then Yuan Shao will be in this battle with both of his best generals along with Yan Baihu and Wang Lang.) Liu Yong will decide to secure the rear guard while the enemy reinforcements attack your army. After Liu Yong gets safely inside of Mo Ling Castle in the south, Zhang Ying appears right beside him to offer protection. During all the fighting, Zhou Yu says there is a supply depot that should be attacked first. Sun Ce agrees with him and advises everyone to attack there. Zhou Yu also adds that the enemy is using a gong to let each other know when to open the gates. You can leave the main army to defend against the massive reinforcements to hit the gong or stay and kick the crap out of the allied soldiers, though tricking Fan Neng into opening the supply depot by ringing the gong and defeating him will lower Allied Forces morale. Either one you pick will lead to your success. After Liu Yong is left all alone, Sun Ce will later on encounter Taishi Ci once again and this time, he is ready to join your side. Put Liu Yong out and win yourself another victory.

Unlocking Taishi Ci after completing this stage will have him assist in discovering Lu Gong's ploy in Assault on Liu Biao if this stage was played first, allowing Sun Jian to remain with Sun Ce and Zhu Zhi while tasking Taishi Ci with going after Lu Gong instead, thus causing Taishi Ci to fall into Lu Gong's trap instead of Sun Jian.

Unification of Jiang Dong: Sun Ce's Forces Vs. Liu Xun's ForcesEdit

This stage is pretty much straight forward. The only thing you got to do here is make sure the supply depot does not fall. The good thing about it is the supply depot won't fall till after 10 minutes so you have plenty of time to do what you need to do. Advance towards the large castle where Liang Gang is at. Defeat him and witness the cut scene of Yuan Shu guarding Liu Xun's rear flank, putting him and his sub-officers into powered up states. Yuan Shu may have many troops but they are no match for Sun Ce's army. After you kill Yuan Shu and his officers off, you can either make sure that the supply depot doesn't fall or you can head for Liu Xun since he is trapped in the corner. (HINT: If the supply depot does fall then Liu Xun will retreat there later on if you leave it in the hands of the enemy.) After you manage to get the gates open, head south towards Ji Ling and put his unit out of the way. Once you come close the fort where Liu Xun is at, Huang Zu will make a sudden appearance in the south west land. (HINT: If you completed the first battle before reinforcements arrived then Huang Zu will appear here to get some pay back for Liu Biao.) After you manage to rid the field of the enemy generals, head for Liu Xun and end his rule over Jiang Dong.

Wu Tales: The Tiger's AdversaryEdit

Unification of Jing: Sun Jian's Unit Vs. The Allied CommandersEdit

  • Commanders: Sun Jian Vs. Liu Biao, Yan Baihu, Wang Lang, and Liu Yong
  • How to get it: Select the Unification of Jiang Dong first.

This stage is pretty fun because all the generals will gang up on you once you eliminate the sub-officer of one of them (Liu Yong, Wang Lang, and Yan Baihu) so go defeat them. Next, Liu Biao will come out of the castle with his three sub-officers, so defeat him to win the stage or set your bodyguards by him to keep him occupied. More or less, it is fairly an easy stage that you can't lose. Sun Jian has the support of a small unit of troops, alongside his two sons, Ce and Quan, so taking down the guys skipped over in Act Three should not be too hard.

Chapter 4: Showdown at Chi BiEdit

Battle of Xia Kou: Sun Jian's Forces Vs. Huang Zu's ForcesEdit

  • Commanders: Sun Jian Vs. Huang Zu

First go up and kick the crud out of Deng Long and Chen Jiu, then Zhou Yu will tell you to drive a wedge through Huang Zu and Gan Ning. As Huang Zu retreats back to the ships, Ling Cao will make a dangerous charge for Huang Zu, but he did not count on the famous pirate Gan Ning. As you aid your fellow Wu general, Huang Zu will advance his ships towards Sun Jian's area. After a while, Huang Zu will appear at the camp of Sun Jian with his two generals, Zhang Hu and Cai Mao, to back him up. Zhou Yu will let you know that Huang Zu's ships are carrying gunpowder so you know that this means. After you search the ship near the dock of Huang Zu's supply boat, you will find a small pot that is ready to be smashed. Once you've crushed it, get off the ship and head back for Huang Zu's position. (HINT: If you managed to keep Ling Cao alive and allowed him to struggle long enough then Ling Tong will appear in this battle as reinforcements to aid his father. Ling Tong will also be riding a Nanman elephant if the Defense of Nanman stage was done before this one.) Once Huang Zu's supply ship crashes into his other ship, he will talk trash to Gan Ning about how he could not protect the ship. Once Gan Ning appears again, take him out when he challenges you to another duel, but not in a powered up state like before, and witness the cut scene of how Su Fei saves the life of the famous pirate. After Gan Ning surrenders, put Huang Zu in his place and claim victory.

If Gan Ning is unlocked after playing this stage, he will participate in the Battle of Chi Bi alongside the rest of the Wu forces in that stage.

Defense of Nanman: Sun Jian's Forces Vs. NanmanEdit

Head over to King Mulu and take his elephant then destroy the barriers that block the gates. Do not go up to Meng You or Zhu Rong will then appear, which means trouble as if she defeats Zhuge Jin, she'll set fire to the main camp, forcing Sun Jian to abandon it to advance with the rest of the army. Take her out and go defeat Wu Tugu and King Duosi, then defeat Dailai Dongzhu and go after Meng Huo. Don't worry about Wu Tugu too much as he does not have his elite Armor Troops with him in this battle, just standard Nanman infantry. Also, completing this level will add more soldiers for the final battle.

Doing this stage first before the Battle of Xia Kou will have Ling Tong show up with him and his Elite Guards riding on Nanman elephants to assist Ling Cao and the rest of Sun Jian's army.

Battle of Chi Bi: Allied Forces Vs. Cao Cao's ForcesEdit

  • Commanders: Sun Jian Vs. Cao Cao

This battle is similar to the Shu mode except Lu Meng and Gan Ning are not in this battle, unless Gan Ning was just unlocked after playing the Battle of Xia Kou, then he will be in this fight. If you completed the Defense of Nanman then additional troops will be here; moreover, make the strategy here work by allowing these people to do the following actions:

In the end result, Cao Cao and his generals will no longer have a high morale and will be easy for the other officers to defeat. (HINT: Zhuge Liang will be the person who determines what kingdom you fight depending on if he calls the wind or not.) Put Cao Cao down and make the alliance successful.

Also, depending on which parts of the Allied Forces' plan are successful will affect the course of the battle:

  • If Pang Tong and Huang Gai complete their tasks, but Zhuge Liang is forced to abandon his prayer to call the wind, the fires will end up consuming both Cao Cao and the Allied fleets as the winds would have protected the Allied fleet from meeting the same fate.
  • If Zhuge Liang and Huang Gai complete their tasks, but Pang Tong fails to chain Cao Cao's ships together, Cao Cao can avoid having his ships completely consumed by moving the ones on fire out of formation to prevent the flames from spreading.

Chapter 5: Fall of ShuEdit

If Zhuge Liang's wind prayer is successful, then the player will fight the Kingdom of Shu first. (Note: Playing the Nanman Campaign as Sun Jian or one of his children will make them commander instead of Lu Xun.)

Race for Nan Territory: Allied Forces Vs. Wei Edit

Time to put your weapon to work as you race to claim this land. Who is the competition? Shu. Your only goal here is to have more lands taken before Shu and since there is only three all you need is two; however, if you want to really upstage Shu then take them all. First make sure Zhou Yu can get inside the castle so defeat Wang Lang quickly because Zhao Yun will be moving twice as fast as you do with taking out Man Chong. Once Zhou Yu falls back after his arrow event, Cao Ren will come charging at him to claim his victory. (HINT: If you've played the Nanman Campaign first then choose Race for Nan Territory second, Meng Huo will attack an area of Shu causing Zhang Fei to fall back.) As for Xiang Yang and Jing Province, defeat Xiahou Dun and Zhang Liao as quick as you can before the Shu generals take your work; moreover, just take two lands and you will win this battle easily. Completing Zhou Yu's lure to get Cao Ren out of his castle will put the Wei officers guarding the provinces into a powered-up state, thus making it harder for the Shu officers to steal the kills so you can still claim the areas yourself.

Taking all three territories will cause Guan Yu to show up in the Battle of Yi Ling some time after Zhuge Liang does to try and trap Sun Jian in a pincer move in his main camp, seeking vengeance for the disgrace Zhou Yu and the Wu forces dealt Shu in this stage by beating them to all three territories.

The Nanman Campaign: Wu Vs. NanmanEdit

  • Commanders: Lu Xun Vs. Meng Huo

This battle is also pretty much the same as the Shu Mode so you know what to do. To start off there will be Yong Kai and his sub-generals, and there will be Meng Huo. Defeating Zhu Bao and Gao Ding, followed by Jinhuan Sanjie will get Ahui Nan and Dong Tu Ne to defect to the Wu forces. As always, keep the morale high so you don't get overwhelmed by the constant morale decrease throughout the battle. If you get 1000 K.O. then don't even worry about Lu Xun any more. More importantly, keep an eye out for your commander and you will win. Also, defeating Meng Huo the fourth time after Wu reinforcements show up to deal with Meng's ambush troops with convince Yang Feng to defect to the Wu forces as well.

Clearing this stage will have Meng Huo arrive with a small Nanman escort to help the player out of the Stone Sentinel Maze in the Battle of Yi Ling if they get stuck in there for some time.

Battle of Yi Ling: Shu Vs. WuEdit

  • Commanders: Sun Jian Vs. Liu Bei

Once the battle begins, head straight for the camp of Shu and start killing the archers. Zhu Ran should be getting ready and all you need to do is eliminate 4 or 5 certain archers in their watchtowers to make it where the infiltration is successful. This task can be difficult so pay close attention to it. Do not worry about your allies in the back. They will be fine once the Shu camp is burning. After the camp is set on fire, Liu Bei will retreat back into Bai Di Castle and seal the gate. Sun Jian will then tell everyone to go around the back and attack from there, but that isn't a very nice idea. Head for the Stone Sentinel Maze and try to move through it. It can be quite easy once you know it or if you have the Red Hare then you can run over the rising stones just as they come up. In case you did not get through the maze, Meng Huo will appear in this battle to offer his support and to bail you out of the maze.

Once you get a bit close to Liu Bei's fort, Zhuge Liang will appear and have a waterway arrive to give them access straight for Sun Jian. (HINT: if you manage to prevent some of your generals from getting lost in the stone maze then they will turn about to go back to Sun Jian. Also, if you took over all the territories at the Nan Territory, then Guan Yu will appear here to get his revenge for the disgrace you caused him. If any!) Head back to Sun Jian's position and eliminate the last remaining generals around him then take care of Liu Bei to win your battle.

Wu Tales: Guan Yu, God of WarEdit

Battle of Mai Castle: Wu Vs. ShuEdit

  • Commanders: Sun Jian VS Guan Yu
  • How to get it: Clear Wu's story mode once then replay it. In Chapter 4, select the battle of Chi Bi and ensure the fire attack and wind calling are successful. In Chapter 5, select the battle of Yi Ling first and make the fire attack a success.

When the battle starts, Guan Yu will send Liao Hua to get reinforcements. You can stop him, but that would take away all the fun, so let him go, and he will return with Liu Feng and Meng Da after some time. After a while in battle, Lu Meng, acting both strategist and advisor, will say that Guan Yu will try to escape. There are a total of four escape points in this level so do your best to seal them. Two of them are inside the fortress while one lies in the north and another in the far south. After the cut scene of Guan Yu's roar, be ready to eliminate the Gate Captains in the north and south of Mai Castle (That's if you got rid of the Gate Captains inside the castle located in the far north and south west.) After Guan Yu realizes he can't escape, he will try to head straight at Sun Jian, and to make matters worse, Zhang Fei with his son will also appear here too to assist Guan Yu in what was basically the Shu Army's last stand, not to mention their high morale combined will allow them to tear through the Wu officers like lightning. Although things can look grim for you, do not let them get the best of you since you too will receive reinforcements. Pan Zhang will appear in the south where Zhang Fei is to keep him busy so that gives you time to deal with the other generals. (HINT: If you enter the castle after while, enemy reinforcements will appear and the gates will lock you in. Defeating the enemy reinforcements will reopen the gates.) Once you've dealt with all the generals on the field, show Guan Yu that you are the God of War.

Wu Tales: Dong Zhuo LivesEdit

Battle of Chang Jiang: Sun Jian's Forces Vs. Dong Zhuo's ForcesEdit

  • Commanders: Sun Jian Vs. Dong Zhuo
  • How to get it: Complete less than 10 stages. In Chapter 2, let Dong Zhuo go, in Chapter 4, skip the Defense of Nanman, and in Chapter 5, during the Fall of Wei select the Battle of He Fei first.

In this battle, all you got to do is escort some supply captains to Sun Jian's boat, but there are elephants in the area. Seems Dong Zhuo has allied with the Nanman for this fight and they lent him some of their elephants to use against Sun Jian. As you begin, eliminate the men near you on the elephants so they don't cause you much trouble as the elephants can easily break through the small defenses set up to protect the Supply Captains. Losing more than 10 of the Supply Captains loses the stage. Once that is done, head for Dong Zhuo himself. He is located in the south. If you take out any of Dong Zhuo's generals before him then he will just surprise you with ambush parties near the boat of Sun Jian. So get him first. Once he is gone, take care of the generals in the land but you won't win right away due to yet another surprise again. (HINT: If you leave one of the enemy generals alive, then you will receive additional support from Sun Ce and Sun Quan once they arrive.) Meng Huo and Zhu Rong will then arrive to attack Sun Jian. Take them both out to end the stage.

Final Chapter: End of the Three KingdomsEdit

(Note: Playing the Siege of Fan Castle or the Battle of Shi Ting as Sun Jian or one of his children will make them commander instead of Lu Meng or Lu Xun.)

The Siege of Fan Castle: Wu Vs. WeiEdit

  • Commanders: Lu Meng Vs. Cao Ren

Go and defeat the two enemy generals that are near the siege ramps (Zhen Ji and Xu Huang). Once they are dead, just wait and watch out for the ramps since it takes them so long to set up. (HINT: If you attacked Shi Ting first then came to Fan Castle second, Zhou Fang will appear here to offer his support in the east area, but only if the trap regarding Cao Xiu was successful. Also, do not worry too much about the siege catapults. They will do just fine.) After 5 to 9 minutes, the siege ramps will connect to the castle and you can swarm in to meet with the last remaining generals of Wei. Later on, a supply captain will appear in the north east of the land to reinforce Cao Ren. You can eliminate him for an extra item during the post-stage rewards, but he will hardly be of any help to Cao Ren since he lost all his morale stars. Defeat the last Wei generals and you will have won the battle. Also, Sun Shang Xiang will appear in the final battle with a catapult to attack He Fei Castle's south gate.

Battle at Shi Ting: Wu Vs. Wei Edit

Don't go near Zhou Fang or Cao Xiu. When Jia Kui becomes wary of the plan, defeat him, then Zhou Fang should defect once Cao Xiu is close enough to the castle. Defeat Cao Xiu, then the entire army will advance to the south. At the same time, ambush parties will appear in the west and east (also if you did Fan Castle first, then Zhen Ji will take part in the ambush parties). Take care of them then continue to the south where the others are waiting. Zhang He will be guarding the bridge so defeat him and go for Sima Yi. An easy battle. Also, Cao Xiu will appear in the final battle to get some pay back for the events at Shi Ting.

Battle of He Fei: Wu Vs. WeiEdit

  • Commanders: Sun Jian Vs. Cao Cao

Zhang Liao will go on the other side of the bridge and lure Sun Jian to the other side. This can be prevented by either playing as Sun Jian or by defeating Zhang Liao as soon as possible. Sun Jian will be safe so don't worry. (HINT: If you play as Sun Jian, you can control the time the bridge event will happen. In other words, Zhang Liao may attack your army near the bridge but he won't retreat until he challenges you to a duel and after you either accept or decline. This gives you plenty of time to eliminate the other generals on the field.) After you have made you choice to cross the bridge or not, expect to see Zhang Liao appearing later on near the Wu camp. If Siege of Fan Castle was cleared beforehand, a soldier will pass on a message from Lu Meng warning Sun Jian of the trap on the Xiao Shi Bridge that Zhang Liao tries to lure him across. If Sun Jian falls for it, he quickly calls in his sub-officers, Jiang Qin and Ling Tong, for support to deal with Cao Cao's sub-officer who ambushes him, Li Dian, before Zhang Liao reappears to deal with Sun Jian himself. However, should you skip straight to this stage, expect Xu Huang and Zhang He to appear as reinforcements from the stages you bypassed. Once you defeat Zhang Liao yet again, he will retreat from battle and will no longer bother your army. Sun Jian will call forth an all-out attack, and more reinforcements of Wu will show up. Lu Xun will appear in the west, but he won't last long once Cao Xiu comes to get his revenge if Shi Ting was cleared previously. Gan Ning will also show up in the east to offer his support, and if you meet up with him, you'll see he's powered up for this battle as he's crackling with orange lightning. Later on, Sun Shang Xiang will appear near the south gate of He Fei with a catapult if you cleared the Siege of Fan Castle beforehand, but only after you defeat Cao Zhang or Pang De. Once you've taken care of all the other generals on the field, head for Cao Cao and eliminate him.

Final BattleEdit

The final battle will only appear on the last chapter and will be different depending on which kingdom is the final opponent.

Battle of Cheng Du: Wu Vs. ShuEdit

  • Commanders: Sun Jian Vs. Liu Bei

This battle is similar to the Wei and Nanman version with only a few differences. Zhang Fei will be in the south land with his son, Zhang Bao, and knock out the bridge in the south. After the cutscene of Luo Castle's defense, Wu catapults will appear to destroy them so the damage is reduced; moreover, the plan is still the same. Take Luo Castle, head through the forest and take out Yue Ying then head for Cheng Du to meet with Liu Bei and Zhuge Liang. Liu Bei should appear with his peasant militia. Defeat him to end the stage.

Battle of Xu Chang: Wu Vs. WeiEdit

  • Commanders: Sun Jian Vs. Cao Cao

This battle is also the same as the Shu and Nanman version. Go and defeat the generals in the south to open the lower paths. Next, eliminate Xiahou Dun or his officer to ensure the safety of the siege ramp then head for the rear fortress to protect it when Xu Zhu and Cao Zhang arrive to assault it. This is made easier by using two players to accomplish both tasks simultaneously. Don't forget about the gunpowder event in the west courtyard of Xu Chang and be careful of the ambush parties located in the south courtyard. Defeat Cao Cao to clear the story.