Kirk Thornton (born May 13, 1956 in Portland, Oregon) is an American voice actor and ADR director. His original name was Sean Thornton. Thornton received his formal actor training at University of Washington. He was inspired by a theatrical production of The Tempest to pursue a theatrical career in his home state and New York. He and his wife moved to Los Angeles for TV work. By chance, Tom Wyner invited him to a voice actor recording session in 1984 and the connections he made there led to his unexpected career path. He is second only to Wendee Lee in voice actor credits, voicing in several mediums of the industry. Some of his known aliases are Ron Allen, Sparky Allen, Sparky Thornton, and Robert Lloyd.

Thornton mostly voices rugged and moody characters. His roles include Saitō Hajime from Rurouni Kenshin, Hotohori from Fushigi Yūgi, and Saïx from the Kingdom Hearts series.

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