This is a list of commonly heard quotes from Kishward.

  • "Know that I am Kishward, the Two Swords of Pars."
  • "Get lost!"
  • "Prepare yourself. Face my twin swords!"
  • "Witness the power of Tahir Kishward!"
  • "Advance now!"
  • "Show them the might of our army!"
  • "Yashasueen!"
  • "Know that Pars is protected by Tahir Kishward!"
  • "You face the Tahir! A true and mighty mardan!"
  • "Do you now see why making the tahir your enemy was a mistake?"
  • "Turning one's back to the enemy is the greatest shame for any mardan."
  • "Marzban Kishward is here to support you!"
  • "By my pride as a mardan, I shall seize victory!"
  • "Keep up! Yashasuiin!"
  • "Your body shall feel the honed edge of my sword!"
  • "You are a true mardan, indeed!"
  • "What incredible deeds. There's much I can learn from you."
  • "This is for you. Please make use of it."
  • "These twin blades shall surely win the day!"
  • "You're a true mardan!"
  • "I've watched you in action. Your tireless training has clearly paid off."
  • "This is for you. I'm sure you can handle it."
  • "Let's work together to achieve victory!"
  • "Your Highness, you are a true mardan! Most impressive!"
  • "Your Highness, Crown Prince of Pars! You have impressed me deeply."
  • "Your Highness, please accept this. I believe it to be worthy of your use."
  • "I'm so happy to be able to look upon your bravery in battle, Your Highness."
  • "If you wish to taste the edge of my blades, step forward!"
  • "I've been defeated? I must still need more training..."

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