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This is a list of commonly heard quotes from Kiyomori Taira.

Warriors Orochi 2Edit

  • "The netherworld cannot contain me!"
  • "Ha ha ha!"
  • "Not worthy!"
  • "All must die!"
  • "Observe!"
  • "Feast your eyes!"
  • "Soon, you will all beg me for mercy."
  • "I return."
  • "Bow before me, mortals."
  • "None can stop me."
  • "I have found a truly worthy ally."
  • "It is fortunate that I do not find you in the enemy ranks."
  • "The enemy is like dust scattered to the winds."
  • "Destroy as you see fit."
  • "Maintain this momentum."
  • "Even the mightiest must eventually fall."
  • "I will see this world made a hell on earth after all."
  • "Ha... I have no need of your help."
  • "You are right to fear me."
  • "You have promise, warrior. I will see it snuffed out next time."
  • "Kill me if you must... I will return..."
  • "One thousand mortals are no match for you, my lord."
  • "My apologies, my lord. The enemy is too feeble to satisfy you."
  • "My lord, you grace me with your presence."
  • "Bury them all. This world is naught but a dream anyway."
  • "Your loyalty to our Serpent King is beyond doubt."
  • "You are tardy, fox."
  • "Neither the heavens nor the earth have an enemy to match you."
  • "Does this amuse you, monkey?"
  • "I leave this situation to you."
  • "You are this land's darkest nightmare."
  • "You carve through the enemy like lightning through the sky."
  • "Fūma... How did you get here?"
  • "My lord, this is where our alliance must end."
  • "I remain unworthy..."
  • "I await you in the netherworld..."
  • "Surely you are aware of my strength."
  • "I have not the energy to waste running after you."
  • "An embarrassment to my kind..."
  • "Join me. You shall not regret it."
  • "If you change your mind, I will be waiting."
  • "Ended by my greatest rival... How fitting."
  • "Come, God of War, show me how divine you really are."
  • "Ha... He thinks he can exorcise me..."
  • "Sweet release..."
  • "It's going to take more than you to defeat me, little girl."
  • "Perhaps you are the one who can match Lord Orochi's might..."
  • "For one of my immense strength to be felled by such a little girl..."
  • "Do you really think that I will fall to some lowly servant?"
  • "Benkei, your talents are wasted in your current station..."
  • "Yoshitsune... I see you possess men of ability..."

Warriors Orochi 3Edit

  • "In this life, nothing is permanent. Except for me, of course."
  • "The path to enlightenment is uncertain, especially with me in the way!"
  • "No mercy... All shall be destroyed before my wrath!"
  • "What a most pathetic opponent that was..."
  • "My immortality was a gift from Lord Orochi. Which is why I must repay him in chaos!"
  • "I would like for you to have this. Treat it with the respect a gift from me deserves."
  • "Surprisingly effective."
  • "How could you fail? Truly pathetic."
  • "I managed to defeat numerous enemy soldiers in the last battle. They are nothing when faced with my immortality!"
  • "This invincible vessel given to me by Lord Orochi... I must utilize it in battle or it will go to waste!"
  • "Lately, I have been called to many battles. It must be nice to have an invulnerable warrior like myself on your side."
  • "Parties like these remind me of the sights and sounds of when I was alive... They never fail to bring a tear to my eye."
  • "Bow before me, mortals."
  • "The heavens tremble at my might!"
  • "Your might makes the very heavens tremble!"
  • "Such a feat is nothing for Lord Orochi! He requires no praise for this simple act."
  • "So, she proves herself in battle. All that prospers will eventually fall... Enjoy it while you can, vixen."
  • "Wukong! Your deeds in combat are peerless!"
  • "Yoshitsune, you have proven yourself in battle again. My assessment of your potential was accurate."
  • "Must I return to those depths again...?"
  • "I can imagine nothing more tiresome than facing my own might."
  • "Impressive!"
  • "That's the way!"
  • "Hahaha, my thanks!"
  • "You've kept me waiting!"
  • "Allow me to face you in battle."
  • "I presume you wish to continue living. I shall retreat."
  • "You are invincible, Lord Orochi!"
  • "To be saved by you, my Lord Orochi..."
  • "Da Ji, do not curtail your rampage!"
  • "Da Ji, drawn by the smell of blood."
  • "Perfect, Wukong!"
  • "I have been waiting for you, Wukong."
  • "I would expect no less from you."
  • "You saving me is only possible in this place."
  • "Most impressive! Before you our foes are no more than dust and twigs!"
  • "I'm glad you are with us! You make me enjoy myself more, too!"
  • "Hahaha, my thanks for your assistance! Now, let's give these dogs a little something to see them off!"
  • "I've been waiting for you! Now smash and pummel as you please!"
  • "It shall be my pleasure to face you in battle. Take this as a mark of a warrior's respect."
  • "Allow me to retreat, out of respect to your continued health. We shall resume this at a later date."
  • "You are invincible, Lord Orochi! Show me the warrior who can hope to oppose you!"
  • "To be saved by you, my Lord Orochi... I can hardly express my gratitude."
  • "Da Ji, that vixen, is on a rampage! Those poison fangs are all very well, so long as they are on our side."
  • "Da Ji, has the smell of blood attracted you? Then please, turn all you see into a living hell."
  • "I would expect no less, Wukong. None can stand beside you."
  • "You have kept me waiting, Wukong. I require you by my side for a path as treacherous as this."
  • "I would expect no less from a Minamoto. I am blessed to have joined forces with you."
  • "A young warrior of the Minamoto saving a leader of the Taira... What would those back in our world make of this?"
  • "Such power, such might! You have proven yourself worthy of my support."
  • "Such an excellent minion you make! Overwhelm all who oppose us!"
  • "I thought that you would come. The bond between us is eternal."
  • "Ah, there you are. I shall leave these insects to you."
  • "Do not expect any mercy from me."
  • "I shall win next time, brave warrior. Don't get yourself killed until then!"
  • "Your skill in battle is unrivaled, Lord Orochi! I pledge my allegiance to you anew!"
  • "My Lord Orochi, I have been patiently awaiting you. I have found a strong warrior you might enjoy fighting."
  • "Impressive, Da Ji. Dust before the wind, the enemy before you."
  • "Da Ji, are you perhaps worried about me? This may make me a believer in miracles."
  • "Most impressive, Wukong. With your funny monkey face, who could ever hate you?"
  • "So you have come, Wukong. I know I can trust you with my back."
  • "An unrivaled eye for strategy and the skills to support it in battle. I could only hope for a successor like you."
  • "Good of you to come, upstart. Now prove your skills to me again."
  • "You wish to challenge me? This should be amusing."
  • "Hmm, I feel something. A mild irritation, a tickle perhaps."
  • "I'm not ready to return to the underworld yet. Feel the wrath of my forbidden power!"
  • "I am here for your head, Lord Orochi."
  • "Even my invincible body is struggling to keep up. The name Orochi the Destroyer suits you well...!"
  • "My body contains secrets that even you do not know, Lord Orochi. Now, I will show you what they are!"
  • "Hmph... Go away, Da Ji. You're not needed here!"
  • "Such poor technique... You have no chance against this mighty body gifted to me by Lord Orochi."
  • "Your attacks are beginning to annoy me. Time to end this!"
  • "Well well, Wukong. It's been too long since we last played."
  • "Well done. My muscles can no longer keep up. But you have far to go before you can snap my bones."
  • "Your blows have helped loosen up my muscles. Now, I shall repay you by using them to destroy you."
  • "You will obey me, boy, whether you like it or not."
  • "Your agility and precision only make me want your power more, boy."
  • "I didn't want to hurt you, but it seems I may no longer have a choice..."
  • "Now, I shall crush you..."
  • "Are you quite sure, Lord Orochi?"
  • "You'd best not underestimate me, Wukong!"
  • "I wish nothing more than to challenge your true form, Lord Orochi!"
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