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This is a list of commonly heard quotes from Kizaru

One Piece: Pirate WarriorsEdit

  • "Speed is weight. Have you ever been kicked at lightspeed?"
  • "Whew. Here goes. better not hurt any of my allies here."
  • "Try not to get in my way!"
  • "Guts alone are certainly not going to save you here."
  • "If you're that confident, then go ahead and fight me."

One Piece: Pirate Warriors 2Edit

  • "Be careful, weaklings... I am coming..."
  • "It's not just courage... We're back to a fresh start..."
  • "Marco the Phoenix... I would prefer if you did NOT rise from your ashes."
  • "These weaklings are sooo boring."
  • "Huh? Well, if you're that sure of yourself perhaps you and I should have a little fight."
  • "Attacking the man holding the power of the Glint-Glint Fruit is... pointless."
  • "Leaving such a number of enemies to go free would be an embarrassment to the Marines."
  • "I can't just leave it be. I think I'll be taking this land."
  • "This belongs to the Marines. That is because I am here..."
  • "Well, this is what it's like to die that the hands of a Marine Admiral."
  • "I wonder if he's dead--"
  • "Oh-- I think I went too far--"

One Piece Pirate Warriors 3 Edit

  • "Be careful, weaklings... I am coming..."
  • "You guys don't mind if I give you the death penalty, right?"
  • "Let's go...! Oh yeah, well done on the long navigation up until here..."
  • "Guess I need to prepare for something serious."
  • "Whew-- Looks like I'm going to have to fight."
  • "Ohh! I think I'll come along too..."
  • "Battles are about the moments."
  • "I am sure that I said I am here too."
  • "It's a big mistake to think you can run from the light."
  • "These weaklings are sooo boring."
  • "Ohh! It seems my appearance may not have been necessary."
  • ""Straw Hat Luffy". Your voyage ends here."
  • "Even if it's you... This can't be allowed."
  • "Challenging a Marine Admiral is about as reckless as you can get!"
  • "Marco the Phoenix... I would prefer if you did NOT rise from your ashes."
  • "I hope we'll get along nicely."
  • "You were a good comrade but... There's no way the active commander is going to lose, right?"
  • "I guess my kicks were pretty strong..."
  • "I gotta say those lightning bolts surprised me."
  • "You can't fight age! You think it might be a good time for you to retire?"
  • "Dangerous sprouts must be nipped in the bud."
  • "It's really too bad, after meeting up and all..."
  • "You really should return to Impel Down."
  • "Whew, well the Seven Warlords of the Sea are pirates after all... At the end of the day, they sure can't be trusted!"
  • "You've caused quite the disturbance. However, that is going to end here!"
  • "I don't suppose you'll submit, huh? It'd be best for us both if you did."
  • "There are some things you can't do."
  • "The capture is complete!"
  • "That was far too easy... You could have resisted a little bit better."
  • "I can't just leave it be. I think I'll be taking this land."
  • "Hey, hey. Ain't that a bit too much? Weaklings should stay quiet."
  • "Leaving such a number of enemies to go free would be an embarrassment to the Marines."
  • "You just witnessed the unstoppable force that is known as the World Government's strongest power..."
  • "Well, well. Look at you! That's much more than I expected."
  • "That's just like you to melt them all, Sakazuki."
  • "Oh... You are quite severe today. Things seem to have cooled down thanks to you."
  • "Oh, my... Looks like I have to go all out."
  • "Woooo. That is some power."
  • "Oooh, you're as merciless as ever... Your enemies must be losing the will to fight."
  • "Just what are you planning...?"
  • "Time to see your power!"
  • "Hold on... Isn't this a little extreme, Sakazuki?"
  • "Why don't you take off before it's too late?"
  • "Ohh, you're opposing the admiral? That's a big problem, y'know."
  • "How about trying those kicks on me?"
  • "Hold on... this prank has gone too far. It's so cold."
  • "With a bounty like that... I can't just leave you be."
  • "Well, this is what it's like to die by the hands of a Marine Admiral."
  • "Everything's slow to me. I'm a Light Human, after all."
  • "You have no power and you still thought you could beat me...!"
  • "Hmmm, will this be enough? Wonder if this will save me face."
  • "Didn't I tell you I'd protect this place."
  • "Phew... Looks like we made it out of there somehow."
  • "The battle's over. Good work, everyone."

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